Key Thought Of The Day (V-4)!

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Hello Friends , Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner! Thank you for tuning in for the daily Post. #Inspiration.

Welcome back to our key Thought Series – Volume 4.

Hi, Today’s viewpoint is about Taking Action! 


Isn’t that true? We All have a dream! Yes, We all have! No human being is born without a dream. May be you do not remember it right now or you have ignored it completely from your life for some reasons but of course you have/had it in some phase of your life. When we have a dream or we create a dream, Initially we get pretty excited about it. we just feel jumping here & there by thinking over the future and we discuss it with our pals, mentors & loved one. After a while excitement starts to feds away as the time passes! How? Life’s needs, deeds peek in! It doesn’t fed away overnight but it slows down over a period of while.

Why it happens? because we Choose to sit and think over action. We do not work on our dream! We do not initiate the action. Instead we just Think, Think , Think & Think! We overthink it. We overthink, we over-plan,we over-concern about the probabilities of  issues, we overestimate about possibilities but we under-work. So, over a period of while we start developing fears of failure before even initiate the action. We feel frightened because of fear of failure even before we begin. Isn’t that strange! But that’s how it happens in real life! Too many dream ventures suffocate to death in the mind-rooms. they do not survive between the fights of holy mind & evil Mind.

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There Is No Alternative To Action!

You have to remember your Dream! You got to take action.In reference with key thought of the day, We develop fears when we think by sitting at one place and do not take any action.

Lets take an example – can you swim without getting into water, of course not. You cannot swim by just learning about swimming, by thinking about it or by watching videos, tutorials. No matter how much you fear about drowning, you have to jump into water to test yourself. There is no other alternative. All your knowledge, study that you did before do not at all matter for those few seconds in water.If you do not paddle hard enough, if you do not wave your hands faster, all your knowledge would be a waste of time if you do not apply that into action. You have take action at that moment no matter what. Fears do not grow from outside, we fertilize them from inside.Our Fears are within us! We help them grow due to our inaction & apathy towards future. Fears develop due to lack of courage, self-belief. Taking action is the only cure for the fear.

Image result for action is the antidote to despair

Take Action! Take a small step towards your Goal everyday. Its not the size of your step but your willingness to take a step matters the most. You fears would get eradicated after every step you take towards your dream.

Thinking can be a beginning of Success but Action is the only pathway towards Success! @ 1B.

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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