How Did I Land On My Current State?

Part 2 – Science Of Habits. 

In continuation with the post we did yesterday – Are You Serious About Your Habits?

Most of us may not be happy with their present condition. Health, Financial, Mental, Family & Personal. They must be wondering – How Did I Land On My Current State?

You must be wondering why? The actual question should be- How? You know how? Its because of your thoughts & Habits!

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The real question is How ? Not Why?

Let’s move ahead and see how you have landed to your present situation.

Today we would put a glance on –

  • # What is Habit?
  • # What are our default habits?
  • # What is importance of Habits?
  • # Your unnoticed bad habits!
  • # How to inculcate good habits.
  • # How to eliminate Bad habits?

So, let’s begin straight to the today’s discussion.

# What Is Habit?

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Habit is actually defined as – A habit is a routine or behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

In short we can say as-

  1. Habits is nothing but sort of Behavior Pattern.
  2. It’s a set of actions performed on daily basis or very frequently.
  3. It can be Thinking, Actions, Feeling as well.
  4. Your habits can be Automatic or Intentional.

# What Are Our Default Habits?

Our default habits are something that we are doing since our childhood or for a very long while. These habits can be cultivated through our parents, Society & generation. I can even say these are our developed habits which are necessary for our survival, growth and well-being. I have summed up them as few-

  1. Brushing our Teeth! *
  2. Taking a Bath! *
  3. Waking up at a Specific Time.
  4. Having Lunch, Dinner!*
  5. The way we Eat, what we Eat!
  6. Situational Behavior / Response!*
  7. Sleeping time, sleeping ways!*
  8. Behavior with Family, Friends & Society!

The one marked with asterisk * are our Necessary default/developed habits.

# How Habits Are Formed? (Good or Bad)

Your habits are formed with some pattern, through some controlled /uncontrolled efforts. The science is same for both good and bad habits.

One of the important thing to understand is habits are not formed over the knight. Habits do not land in your body or in your life from a spaceship or from any alienated planet. Habits are formed over a period of while by you.

  1. Through repetitive actions! Reaction!
  2. Through our mental conditioning! (Like Empty mind goes on Eating)
  3. Through Surrounding & Association!
  4. Following social trend/Herd Mentality!
  5. With Desire, Intention, Will, Awareness!

Good habits are formed through Intention, sheer Will & Discipline! & Bad habits get formed due to lack of Self-control & awareness!

For eg. Let’s take example our body part of concern- fat belly, big stomach. Has  it grown in a day or week? Of course not. You eat a burger, fries & fatty food. Your stomach doesn’t grow to 6 inch bigger very next day. It doesn’t happen that way. Life acts on us slowly, very gradually, the speed that we can’t even see. But if you keep on repeating the same bad (sloppy food habits) for 3-5 years over and over. Then, you would see a Misfit person in mirror, the person you never wanted to be! Who made that person? It’s you & your habits?

 You are responsible for your habits, nobody else!

# Hard Truth- Our Bad Habits!

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As, I said before we need some habits for our growth & survival. These are OUR necessary activities/good habits but it we do not control them, the same few become the bad habits!

Let’s take an example- sleeping for at least 6-7 hours is necessary, it’s a good habit! infact a Necessary one. But what if we sleep for about 10 hours due to our bad night schedule. What if we wake up at 8 am or 9 am or even beyond that and rushing through-out the day. So, the sleep which a necessary activity is automatically becomes a liability. Why? Because it has transitioned from good habit to bad habit!who is responsible? You & your other bad Habits.

Let’s see some relevant examples-

  1. Sleeping to Oversleeping!
  2. Eating to Over-eating!
  3. Eating unhealthy food!
  4. Spending money to Overspending Money.
  5. Enjoying Time to Wasting Time!
  6. Concern about something to Worry!
  7. Thinking safe to being pessimistic.
  8. Deserts to Addiction!

 So, that’s how our necessary activities gets transitioned into Bad Habits! Isn’t that strange!

# Few Disaster But Unnoticed Habits Of You!

 Nobody is perfect, we would never be! Because that’s the way we grow but we should always walk towards excellence. We all have flaws, we all have bad habits! But do you realize? Do you even know? When I did some soul-searching I found some of mine and I feel they are about 80-90% with the most of us. Let’s see the list of few unnoticed bad habits of us-

  1. Procrastination!(I will do it later)
  2. Not taking decisions!
  3. Gossiping! (Conversations with -You know what?)
  4. Making Excuses! Blaming someone for the Faults!
  5. Unable to Say No! Being “Yes Man.”
  6. Instant gratification! & Thinking short Term!

 There are many more – we would discuss about them in the future posts.

# Ways To Inculcate Good Habits!

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So, if we wish to inculcate good habits! How we can? Is it possible? Yes. Of course. It’s possible. With the learning attitude everything is possible. Everything can be conquered! Life flows & grows from inside out! If you want to inculcate good habits, it has to come from within you. Nobody can outside can help you plant good seeds in your life. You have to sow them with your own hands.

There are few ways, you can inculcate new habits in your life.

  1. Get disciplined, Follow the discipline no matter what!
  2. The rule of 21 for New Habits!– Follow a habit for 21 days anyhow, it becomes automatic after that.
  3. Create a vision, See the End picture! – Always see the end picture of you want to be, to stay motivated.
  4. Develop patience! Stop looking for Shortcuts!
  5. Avoid the path of least resistance!
  6. Join the community of Faith! – Join the group of same habits, good thinkers. Like a running group.

 # Ways To Eliminate Bad Habits!

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 The way we can inculcate, similarly we can detach ourselves from bad habits. How? Habit is conscious or unconscious learning. The way it’s learned, it can be unlearned as well. Habit is always deliberate effort before its becoming automatic. Same way if you wish to eliminate the bad habit which is automatic now, you have to take deliberate efforts to unlearn it! But it takes more than deliberate efforts, it takes a lot will, discipline, self-control & awareness to unlearn, eradicate the bad Habit!

Here are few ways, through which you can eradicate bad habits from your life.

  1. Don’t try to Eliminate the Bad Habit! Continence your Animal(Mind)
  2. Identify, Eliminate the Triggers! Out of Sight is out of mind! (Eliminate the trigger which pull or push you towards bad habit.)
  3. Replace The Habit!– try to replace bad habit with some new good habit.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself! Be Accountable to Someone!( Set a goal & be accountable for the result in a time frame.)
  5. Focus on the Sober & wonderful picture of Future!(Focus on how good life you can life! The dream picture.)
  6. Take expert advice, seek Help, consultation!
  7. Change Association, Restrict the old group & Join the new group!

This is my genuine viewpoint, it’s my view! You would never found equivalent ideas on Google. I did apply these ideas to my life and got the results.Hence, I am confidently pitching them to you guys. If you wish to learn more about great Habits! Join my personal development one to one session – Million Dollar Habits!

You can reach me on details mentioned in contact us.


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Thank You!

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@beginner!



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