He That Seeketh Findeth!

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Hi, Today’s viewpoint is about Seeking!  

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The Human life is all about seeking! We seek for the Goals, We seek for our dreams! We Seek for our partners! We seek for our destiny! We are always seeking for something throughout lives.

We are on continuous search for something. Do we get it? Some people say, Its on your luck! Sometimes you do or sometimes you don’t! May be its a part of your destiny! Is it true? I feel- Finding something is not part of destiny, rather its a mostly about the way of finding during the journey of life. Seeking for something and finding the same is not just a part of your destiny, but its a part of your character, your attitude towards life.

Part of Matthew 7:8 says – One That Asketh Receiveth, and He That Seeketh Findeth! 

Whatever you ask you would receive, whatever you seek for, you would find!

You have to always look for something big. Seek for a bigger Motive than ourselves. We can definitely find whatever we seek for! The only cliche is we reserve our energy and find it half-heatedly. We fail to pour the enormous energy in that thing. We just act partly towards it. We do not find that special thing with that mediocre intensity. We have to understand that whatever we are looking for is a special. So, we may never get it instantly & easily, That’s for sure.

The nature, this universe has answers to all our questions. Answers are there, they get revealed in the process by some means. All you need is to connect the dots of a big puzzle. We have to maintain our composure during this task, but what happens? We do not maintain right attitude during the process. So, we get misaligned from the path of our dreams. We get out of synchro with universe due to lack of right perspective. We look for it for a while, and if we do not get it ,we drop it and start Looking for something else. We just keep on switching from one target to another and we blame our destiny. So, Where is the problem? The problem is not about what seek for! Whether its Big or small its about the perspective, Perseverance.The problem is Us! The problem is with hte threads of our character! The problem is with our patience. Overall The problem could be with our attitude. We need to maintain the perseverance.We have to vibrate with the same frequency while seeking.


If you say- I will try if I get it that’s okay, I would try for 2-3 years, if its in my destiny I would get it. No, its not gonna happen that way. You have to seek it with all your heart in. You have to seek it with your Mind, Your brain, Your Heart, and with Your blood-sweat together, aligned with universe towards the Goal. In reference with though of the day- Its not only you who is seeking something, Your dream (the special thing) is also seeking you! Its already in your mind, the only matter is about bringing it into physical world, which is a big matter. but before its appearance in physical world, Its gonna test you. Its gonna test your patience, perseverance & desire. Its the matter of Focus, commitment & sheer will! It shall definitely appear if you keep looking for it! Never say I don’t deserve it but reserve it & It would come to you!

Universe cannot deny what you look for, its we who give up due to lack of foresight! @Mahendra Kapady.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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