Key Thought Of The Day (V-5)!

Hello Friends,

Hello Friends , Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner! Thank you for tuning in for the daily Post. #Inspiration.

Welcome back to our key Thought Series – Volume 5.

Hi, Today’s viewpoint is about Commitment to Your Dreams

Its been said a quotation says more than 10000 words. I am sharing with you a quote from Billy Cox.

I have a question for You- Are you committed to your Dreams?

If Not? Why? If Its not You? Who?  If not Now ? When?

Your Dream is your responsibility? Not someone else’s? You cannot just see a dream & wish for it to Happen! You have to make it happen! You have to get committed to your Dream! You have connect yourself with your Dream! The Only way to get connected with your Dream is by getting disconnected by everything else! Your Dreams is yours,not someone else’s! So, its your responsibility to work towards its realization.

You cannot reach to the to the green island or across the sea if you are not willing to take risk to leaving the safety of sea-shore. The sea-shore is your comfort zone, you have to risk the safety of harbor to reach the other part of the sea.  When you get committed to your comfort zone, you may get engulfed in the things which are not relevant to you in a bigger picture. Its only after years, you realize that You have been clung to wrong sea-shore. Now You have to start all again. You cannot lose when you get committed to your Dreams but you definitely lose when you stick to the life in comfort zone.

Comfort Zone is a Golden cage. May be it looks glittering, fascinating & alluring from outside but when you get inside, you get locked in. When you get inside, you have to compromise with your freedom against the Luxury & glitter. Most of us prefer to live that way, In my view its terrible way to live the life.

I want you to ask a question to yourself  – If Not I? Who? If Not Now ?When?

Image result for life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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