Billion Dollar Habits!

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Part  3 – Billion Dollar Habits. 

This article is in continuation with the posts I wrote in last weeks, I suggest you to invest few minutes & quickly go through the previous two articles.The links attached below –

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We All wish to be successful, we all wish to be Millionaires & Billionaires but do we Act like a Millionaire ? Most of us do not. Why ? To act & To live like a successful person- you need to have focus, commitment, patience, persistence, desire & determination towards A Purpose, A Goal & Good life. A good initiative or starting a good activity is easy but sustaining it over a long period of while is the toughest part of it. That’s where it taste’s your patience, persistence & will to continue.

For example-Exercise or Going to the Gym! Too many of us must have went to gym in some years of their life or may be you are going right now. but are you still doing it? (for those who just joined would you be continuing after 2 years?) You might say, I would but trust me that’s easy to say but difficult to follow. Why? Let me share. I have been doing exercise since last 8-9 years now. I know its not easy. I mean exercise is not difficult but showing up every day at the gym at 6.00 Am is the difficult task. Every day my mind gives me reasons such as –

  • Why are you working so hard in gym? Is there any need? Who is looking at You?
  • You are young & slim, you don’t need exercise!
  • You are very tired, you need some rest, sleep for 1 more hour!
  • You slept at 12.30 am tonight, you shouldn’t go to gym, take some rest.
  • You had been to gym 3 times this week, its okay, you can take a day off today.
  • You must take 8 hours of sleep, go to sleep!
  • you travel too much, you are doing lot of excursion. You need some more sleep.
  • Not Now, Lets go in the Evening.

My mind gives such excuses & many more. if I count the diversity of those, it can reach into 1000 nos. Every day when the alarm goes off my evil my mind try to convince Me not to go there & lie in the bed for an Hour. So, its not doing exercise but going out of bed & just hitting the gym door is the challenging part of it. so, when I reach there & get into that environment, everything happens to be automatic. There may be 1000 reasons to quit but there is 1 reason to hold on! 1 motive to look good, stay in shape & healthy body. So,I decide to hold on to that reason. So, its not really easy sustain good habits. Same way, even successful life is simple but not easy to live with.

I am sharing few habits that made me feel good about myself & few highly successful and wealthy people are following them across the world. These habits transformed my life & pulled a very different person out of Me. These habits made me proud about myself. I am confident about myself that I can reach new heights because of My Billion Dollar Habits! I have only few good habits & I have sustained them from last 10 years approx (for a period of while I lost track of my life), may be these habits brought me back to the new life. These habits gave A life of purpose & meaning. I love to follow this  discipline because it made me what I am today, I feel very proud about it. May be you can find many good habits on google but the real point is not about finding the habits or ideas rather putting them into application. We live in an information technology world , we have access to so much information, seems like an information overload but what we do with it ?  how much we apply it to our life. I haven’t done any copy-paste work from anywhere. I have applied these habits to my life, I got substantial results from them, hence I am sharing with you with lot of enthusiasm. If you have any great habits other than this,please  just let me know. I would love to listen to them and bring them into my life.

I have about 20+ good habits That I follow everyday but I am sharing the top 10, my best few. So, here we go- Please note: These habits are simple but not Easy.

  1. Wake up with a Right Note! You must wake up early & get aligned with your Goals, Dreams. You must wake up few hours prior than your need. If you wake up early you would control your day rather than day controlling you. Another important aspect is that you must wake up with positive attitude towards the day & life. You must wake up with enthusiasm & Hope, lot of optimism towards life. If you are waking up depressed with oh my god another day, with the attitude of nagging, cursing or negative feelings, trust me its going to a be self made disaster. Another vital point is You must avoid heated conversations, arguments at all costs in morning. No matter you are right, You got to avoid it, because that’s in best of your interest. You must make a choice to be wise than being Right. You must practice smile most of the times. If you don’t get it, create it or fake it but you got to be smiling a lot in first few hours of the day.
  2. Apple a day! – I Eat Apple a Day. we all know Apple a day keeps a doctor away. I eat my first apple at 5.45 am while I am hitting to gym before 6.00 Am. Sometimes I eat 2 Apples a day. I Eat an apple as evening snack instead of eating any junk food as bread or burger, cola.
  3. Reading 40 pages a day! Its been said readers are leaders. On an average every individual who completes graduation studies about 200+ books on average. i.e. 200+ books in first 20 years of his life & how much He/She studies/refers in his rest 40 years of career or 50-60 years of life, any guess. Not even 1! Guys, its not the the technology pushing us behind, its we who Are! Its we who do not update ourselves. Its our lack of learning push us behind in the fast moving world. If you want to pace up with the World, you got to read. If you want to Lead you got to Read more & more. If you read 1 book every week, you would read about 50 books in week. In 10 years you would complete 550-600 books. See, how much wisdom & advancement you would have compared to others.
  4. Doing Physical Exercise for 45 mins everyday! We all know health is wealth. Exercise has lot of advantages in our life, in lot of areas such as mood, Energy, enthusiasm, Peace of Mind, Joy, Improved memory, Healthy heart, Positive mind & many more. All you have to do is to cut down unnecessary sleeping in Morning, may be bay an hour.
  5. Get Disciplined! One of the important habit of successful people is they are tremendously Disciplined, they do not give stop or break to their activities at any cost. They Follow a schedule, they follow the regimen no matter what. They prefer to live structured life over living a random life. I follow my 5-6 habits vital habits even when I am at my native or at some place other than my home. I follow, apply these vital 10  habits everywhere I go.I do not make an excuse that I am travelling , I am away or I cant!
  6. Pray & Meditate! You must pray to god, almighty & express your gratitude for the beautiful life, wonderful day, an inning of life, another day to experience life. Then you must meditate, chant a mantra for at least few minutes to experience peace of Mind. This can help you to develop a focus.
  7. Develop a learning attitude!  You must develop a learning attitude towards life & other people. You must preserve/follow this perceptive at any phase of your life. life is journey, if you want to be young, live a cherished, enthusiastic life then its your duty to be like student than a senior person. You must have a willing to learn attitude over I know it all Attitude.
  8. Take action everyday! You must take some sort of action everyday. Rome was not built in one day. you must take a small step towards your goal, dream everyday, You must walk towards it with patience & persistence. You must keep a goal to Change by 1% everyday.
  9. Be a Giver! Be a Giver! Experience the joy of Giving! You must develop a Giver mentality over Being a Taker mentality. The real joy of life is in giving, not hunting to get something. Look for THE opportunity to give something to somebody, it can be a gift, it can be an idea, it can be volunteering, it can be Appreciation, glass of water, cup of tea or anything. Its the attitude and feeling of contribution that matters, not the sum that you are giving.
  10. Pursue Your Dreams! All Successful people have Dreams & Goals. They pursue their Dreams! I wasted my 4-5 years in wandering. but when I set goals, I started working towards my dream, I really got the purpose to jump out of the bed & wake up at early morning.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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