Life Is Not A Safe House!

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Hi, Today’s viewpoint is about – Life! 


What do you Mean by life? What is The Motive? Are you living a life or Creating It?

I came across this quote few months prior, which really shaked my view point about seeking security in life. I am pouring my thoughts aligned with this view.

Image result for helen keller quote security is mostly a superstition


My view – I am in totally sync with this Thought. Life Is Not Necessarily A Safe House, Rather Its a Testing Lab. Where you would get tasted every now & then. If you pass the test with confidence, you are sent to the next level where the successful people live, if you couldn’t or survive in the process you stay where you are, end up living mediocre life!

life is Machinery operate by a fixed process, Its not a set process, its a combination of unexpected events – happy & sad, a time of turbulence, with lots of ups & down, accompanied by some setbacks, its an exhilarating ride of Joy , laughter & pain. You never what may stand in front of you. There are lot of uncertainties, A day can bring you joy but next can be miserable and unbearable, still its worth living. That’s the reason we prefer to live despite of all issues.

You cannot avoid !  We are always taught to think twice or many times before making a decision. Not to make to mistakes, not to take risks, Not to expose ourselves to unknown waters. We are trained to live a safe life. Get married at a particular age, but a house, pay bills, settle for what you get, get retired at a specific age, buy a relaxing chair & spend rest of your life sipping tea or coffee. Is That all? Is it? I ask- what if some mistakes make you learn new things? What if Some risks makes you aware about new possibilities & the undiscovered treasure.What if the path offered to you is not correct & you need diversion! You can find the bigger person in you only when you expose yourself to unknown waters.

Sometimes despite of heavy planning, having lot of precautions, you still end up making mistakes! So, why this happens? because that the way life works, it wants you to be uncomfortable, it throws tantrums on you to make you restless but to grow through the process. You can grow only through difficult times, when you swim against the stream , not when you seat at sea-shore doing nothing. You would make mistakes! that’s okay. One of the biggest inventions of the world were invented through mistakes of few great people. If you are not making mistakes means you are playing very small or you are not playing at all, Which is a Big mistake in long run!

Life is not smooth road to walk upon, but Its a journey where you may not see a road for a while, you may have to find the road or create a road if not found. A great Life cannot  be lived with a method of safety or security. You can secure a safe life or great life but not both at a same time. Security is nothing but a comfort zone, playing with short hand & hoping for meager wins. There is nothing exciting , nothing thrilling in the life of security. You may have lot of comfort,, a luxury & sense of security but you would have a lot of regret as well if you are not doing what you are supposed to do. Whereas a Great life happens a way beyond comfort zone. Great life is an Adventure. Adventure is full of hassle, never uncomfortable but its always memorable. An adventure demands Risks & braveness & lot of Courage. Are you willing to show that? For a secure life, these words are beyond the comprehension.

We all must live life as an adventure! We must live a life of Purpose!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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