You Need To Find Your Purpose!

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“Find Purpose, Means will Follow.” @ Mahatma Gandhi.

I have a question for you-

What is Your Purpose of your life?

There are numerous possibilities/answers to this question! Either you know your purpose or you are trying to find it! It’s okay to be work in progress but don’t say that I don’t have purpose! May be its vague, unclear, you can’t explain or justify at this moment but never say “I don’t have a purpose.” If that’s your answer, it’s the hopeless way to live your life. For god’s sake please do not say that I am living for my family, to take care of my family. See, paying bills, living the life of survival, looking after a family is a part of life, nobody can escape from that. It can be small part of purpose as responsible Human being but it’s not the whole purpose! Purpose is something bigger than your trivial things! It’s what drives you! It is something that shakes you from within. It is what gives you motivation to jump you out of bed early in morning & stay awake till night. Do you have something like that thing in your life?

There are some people who are blessed, who found their purpose at very young Age through some reasons or by the calling! We can say these people heard the inner voice clearly at early age & showed a gut-feel to follow their inner calling. Like sportsman, athletes, like actors who are acting from young age. They get to know what they have to do from the early times of their life. This doesn’t mean they do not work hard. They put tones and tones amount of work before they get successful! They put thousands of hours, tons of efforts, Sleepless nights, pain, agony, blood, Sweat, Patience & Persistence together to become something as overnight success that most of people crave for. (overnight success is misconception most of people have over success of few.)

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The Big Question! You Have To Answer For Yourself!

But what about majority of human beings like us? Most of us complain that I don’t know my purpose! What should I do? I don’t know what to do? I have a thing to say for you! I do agree about this confusion! I am not a saint or the man of great wisdom to discover your purpose or comment about how to discover it! But I have only one thing to say- it’s okay if you don’t find it right now that doesn’t mean you don’t have one or you wouldn’t find it! This doesn’t imply you should stop searching. Life may not be crystal clear stair for all of us. The road is not clearly laid in front of all of us!  That’s the wonderful part of it! That’s the challenge for most of us! That’s the thrill of life! Life is full of uncertainties. Still you have to take the step. When you take one step, another step will appear, then another. One after one leads to the thousand mile journey! The Journey of your Purpose! The Journey of your Dreams!

You have to know this fact & keep working towards it. One of the good strategy is keep asking yourself questions! Am I on right track? Is this what I want to do? Why I should do this? This is what I want or Someone else want this through Me? What is my Purpose!

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It’s your duty to find your purpose! What you ask is always answered, what you search, you would find! It may not be immediately but defiantly, you have to keep searching! The only thing you can do is you have to keep looking for it! You must keep putting the efforts in life, keep serving, and Keep showing up! You must take some risks in life. Calculate it & have a willingness to jump. Keep knocking the doors. Doors would open for yourself.Sooner it would appear you in some form, it would not ring bells in your head or make an announcement rather there would be small voice, inner calling that would make you feel bit ecstatic, different about working for that worthy cause.  You may feel bit hesitant, bit uncomfortable while working on it! Path of Purpose is not a bed of roses, it may not look glorious, and it may not be as easy as it sounds! It can be a bit difficult to pursue!

The difficult view– Sometimes you may not find your purpose, you may not be feeling clear about it!What Then? Be creative! Take pen & paper, start drawing the path of your destiny! Take the control of your journey in your own hands, Be creator of your own destiny! You have to develop your purpose!The path that I preferred to walk upon. I Know its not easy, You would stumble upon many times while walking unsure about the choice, the path chosen. Its bit difficult but damn exciting, its like you are on a journey where you have to create your own path & then walk along the way. In my view something which is worthy is always difficult to pursue, still it’s much better in long Run than safe harbor of mediocre, life without purpose!

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Everyone has a purpose, all they have to do is find it thoroughly & when found work on it passionately. You need to find your purpose! You must live your Purpose!

Never say You Don’t Have It! If You Don’t Have One, You Have to Find One! @ Mahendra Kapady.

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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