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” Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.”@ Kim Collins

I have a question For you?

Do You want to be perfect? No matter what you say right now, of course you want to be perfect! Because that’s the way we are raised, that’s the way we are trained. In fact many of us want to be perfect nothing else! Isn’t It? Don’t worry! Its not bad to be perfect! Its a world class, highly admired attribute!

We are trained to be Perfectionists!

See, its not all your fault that you are Perfectionist! we want to be perfect Because that’s the way we are raised, that’s the way we are trained! We all love perfection because that’s the way our minds are mapped! That’s way our parents, teachers, education system train us from childhood! They teach us, warn us , in-fact threaten us – “Not to make Mistakes.” the whole imperative is attain Perfection. Don’t look like a fool. Stay in bracket. Be logical. think inside the frame. If we ask questions, they say Its common sense, don’t you understand! The one who asks questions is considered as trouble maker & dumb because he/she is not following the majority of common sense! So, what we do ? we have question in our mind? But people may laugh on me, teachers might make fun of me! So, we do not raise our hand to resolve our query instead we focus our mind to create a perfect question to showoff our intelligence, then we end up confused, feeling discontent.

We are Not Perfect! Then Why to Worry!

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Its Okay To Be Imperfect!

My another viewpoint is as a human being we are not perfect! Not at All. If someone says He/she is Perfect, then He/she is completely boring person. because he must be same  since long period while. Its been said perfection is boring,because after a period of while, it starts looking the same, which becomes the next bare minimum, a mediocre benchmark as contrast. look at our body, our faces, our lives we are all imperfect by some means. We are not perfect! not at all! If we are not perfect, why we should worry lot about being perfect! that’s like contradicting with yourself.

Flip Side of Perfectionist Attitude!

Even I wished for perfection! I wished to be there looking spotless without any flaw in all my work! It should be all in! It its Me, its going to be 100%. Its not bad to be perfect! But there is a dark side of being perfect or Perfectionist Attitude! I backed out from various opportunities that were offered to me, citing I do not have time ample time , so output would not be perfect & many more excuses! I still regret about the chances I missed. therefore, on flip side I would say Perfection is one of the hurdles to make progress! Why? Because too many of us keep on perfecting the things, which ends up in not taking action & getting stuck in the trap of perfection. We fail to start because we get trapped into cage of perfection! To the worst case- most of us fake our progress, or we give hundreds of excuses for our lack of movement! We employ fake it if we cant make it formula! There can be many trivial reasons (could be true if you are emphasizing on it) but the prime reason is the Attitude of Perfection!

Image result for perfection is enemy of good
This View Opened My Eyes! Thank You Voltaire!

I waited, I waited & I waited!

I waited for long while to do the thing that I loved!i was confident about my writing but perfection came in between the launch. I thought I am not qualified enough, prepared enough! I said – My writing is not at all perfect! I thought I would polish my English, My grammar, My vocabulary, the structure & all other things before I would start writing! So, what happened, even though I was working on all these things! I was procrastinating, I was postponing the actions, I was like a tank loaded with all advanced artillery without any wheels. It cannot go anywhere. it would rust & end up decaying to zero! I wanted to launch my book, my website, my services in perfect way. So, What happened ? I kept on thinking, perfecting the things in mind, I waited, I waited & I waited. I got stuck into the trap of Perfection. I delayed my launch, the blog/website for 2 years. When I got wisdom enough, despite I was not prepared well enough I decided to launch myself Imperfect!

“We should Always Prefer Progress Over Perfection.”@Anonymous Sharing

In My view   Perfection is mind over Matter thing & when we get into that state we either delay or Halt our progress. I discovered a principle & I have been applying to my life since last couple of years! I.e start Imperfect! launch imperfect & Go on improving on the way! Do not get stuck in the way waiting for perfection to happen!Keep walking irrespective of its occurrence. Keep taking actions! sometimes Imperfect actions! . These imperfect actions would correct each other, one after another, converse into a bigger picture! Correct your course, Perfection would happen on the way! I have kept the goal of performing better than day before. That’s nothing but excellence! Which is far better than attitude of perfection. If you work on excellence, perfection would happen! but if you wait for perfection to happen, you would waiting for long time (may be permanently). We should always strive for excellence, focus on getting better version of  ourselves than the day before!

To the question I asked  in beginning –Do You want to be perfect? I would answer as I do not wan to be prefect. rather I want to be imperfect but progressive! because that’s the motive of my life “Strive for Excellence.”

start imperfect.jpg

If you split the word Imperfect it says- I M Perfect! You are in the Process. So, trust yourself & Start Imperfect!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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