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Hello, Guys today’s post is a follow up or a short/quick guide to my 3 parts Habits Article. Most of the members are connected to me through Facebook & Instagram. Many of us requested me personally over messenger, calls, text to collate the article & produce a quick article combining all 3 article. Guys to be very honest,I have very firm belief that there is no short cut to success, you need to put lot of hard work. I request you to take some 20-25 means & invest time to go through all these 3 article. These articles are pretty relevant to our life & easy to apprehend articles. There is no rocket science as such all you have to do is Read, understand & inculcate these habits in your life. I suggest you to be ready for damn good life, which is possible through your habits.

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Article 1 –Are You Serious About Your Habits?

Article 2 –How Did I Land On My Current State?

Article 3 –Billion Dollar Habits!

As requested, for the benefit of my readers & followers, I would try my best to provide you a glimpse or quick overview of all 3 articles in one post. Hope you would like it,If liked please share.

Part-1 Do you want a good life? Yes. Of course. Everybody wants a good life, but does everybody gets it! Nope. Why? Because good life doesn’t happen to you, you have to create it through the deliberate efforts! Great life is not a matter of chance but a matter of intentional choice. Yes, you have a right to live a good life, in fact a great life but that’s possible only by choosing the good habits!

I have 3 questions for you to test your awareness about importance of habits! I request you to answer them honestly. Because it’s in total benefit of you & no one else.

  1. Do you have any good habits? How many good habits do you have?
  2. Do you have any bad habits? How many bad habits do you have?
  3. Do your Good habits outweigh your bad Habits?

The 3rd question is of uttermost importance. If you are honest enough, You would see the difference. If your good habits outweigh your bad habits by good factor, you are on right track of life, you can grow but if your bad habits outweigh your good habits then it’s an alarming time for you. See, it’s not a rational formula to compare. You have to measure the factor of outweigh-ness for you, you can do that by measuring the results you are bringing in your life. If the results are not so good or as wished/expected by you, then it implies your good habits are not good enough & you need to push them to next level or you may have to form new one by eliminating the old bad, not so good ones.


Are You Serious about Your Habits? I think you are not, like most of us. Because 4-5 years prior I wasn’t at all. Even though I wasn’t an addict or waste but my good habits were very few, looking minuscule in front of mountain of bad habits.

If your habits are good they create a person you wish to be! If your habits are bad or not good enough they would create a disaster, devil or the person you hate, or never wished to be. It’s all up to you. You cannot blame someone else for your habits. Some people say my friends made me addict, I am this way because of my family. I do agree to that not fully but to some extent. I do agree that someone triggered you at one instance for some bad choice like drug, smoking or alcohol. But – this is a big but! your habits are not formed over the night, they are formed through repetition, desire, will or due to lack of self-control and awareness. Habits can be good or bad. The same attributes are responsible in forming the good, bad or disaster habits. So, someone might have triggered a bad behaviour or choice but you chose to be continue, then it became a habit. So, You & only You are responsible for bad Habits, Nobody Else. I am firm with this statement.

Part 2 – Most of us may not be happy with their present condition. Health, Financial, Mental, Family & Personal. They must be wondering – How Did I Land On My Current State?

You must be wondering why? The actual question should be- How? You know how you landed on current state? Its because of your thoughts & Habits!

You have to put a glance on –

  • # What is Habit?
  • # What are our default habits?
  • # What is importance of Habits?
  • # Your unnoticed bad habits!
  • # How to inculcate good habits.
  • # How to eliminate Bad habits?

# What Is Habit?

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Habit is actually defined as – A habit is a routine or behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

In short we can say as-

  1. Habits is nothing but sort of Behavior Pattern.
  2. It’s a set of actions performed on daily basis or very frequently.
  3. It can be Thinking, Actions, Feeling as well.
  4. Your habits can be Automatic or Intentional.

If your habits are good they charge you, Push you, Elevate you towards new future, they inspire you, motivate you to do good. They help you focus, they charge you to jump out of bed every morning to work ?& wake till late nights But if they are not, these bad habits would suck your all energy bit by bit, it would drain you out, make you restless, helpless & dependable to some vices over a period of time.

I suggest you to take charge of your habits before they take charge of you & Your life! Be serious about your Habits!

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# Ways To Inculcate Good Habits!

  1. Get disciplined, Follow the discipline no matter what!
  2. The rule of 21 for New Habits!– Follow a habit for 21 days anyhow, it becomes automatic after that.
  3. Create a vision, See the End picture! – Always see the end picture of you want to be, to stay motivated.
  4. Develop patience! Stop looking for Shortcuts!
  5. Avoid the path of least resistance!
  6. Join the community of Faith! – Join the group of same habits, good thinkers. Like a running group.

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 Ways To Eliminate Bad Habits! 

  1. Don’t try to Eliminate the Bad Habit! Continence your Animal(Mind)
  2. Identify, Eliminate the Triggers! Out of Sight is out of mind! (Eliminate the trigger which pull or push you towards bad habit.)
  3. Replace The Habit!– try to replace bad habit with some new good habit.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself! Be Accountable to Someone!( Set a goal & be accountable for the result in a time frame.)
  5. Focus on the Sober & wonderful picture of Future!(Focus on how good life you can life! The dream picture.)
  6. Take expert advice, seek Help, consultation!
  7. Change Association, Restrict the old group & Join the new group!

Part 3 -I am sharing few habits that made me feel good about myself & few highly successful and wealthy people are following them across the world. These habits transformed my life & pulled a very different person out of Me. These habits made me proud about myself. I am confident about myself that I can reach new heights because of My Billion Dollar Habits!

My few Billion Dollar Habits are-

  1. Wake up with a Right Note!
  2. Apple a day!
  3. Reading 40 pages a day!
  4. Doing Physical Exercise for 45 mins everyday!
  5. Get Disciplined!
  6. Pray & Meditate! 
  7. Develop a learning attitude!
  8. Take action everyday!
  9. Be a Giver!
  10. Pursue Your Dreams! 



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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