A keynote Message For The Lifetime!

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I want to share the wonderful & inspiring message from Bible that can be an eyeopening viewpoint & message of lifetime. if you really understand & absorb that into your soul, I am sure nothing is impossible to achieve in your life.

This is one of the sermons from Bible.I find this is keynote Message For the Successful Journey of life, To live The Life of Our Dreams!


Meaning- If you Ask with faith you shall receive, for the one who seeks finds his way & the one that who knocks the door finds the opportunity that he is looking For!

Isn’t that True! That’s absolutely true if you put emphasis on the core message.

  • If you really want something in life, you have to Ask for it! Not with envy, jealousy or craving or desperation but with the ultimate feeling of prosperity & abundance! You must have faith & ask for it to the universe. Right now don’t think How you would have it ? Have faith , Go forward & Ask for it. You qualify for everything in life by asking for it first, that’s the first step. How would be figured on later!
  • Once you asked for something, You have to have willingness to go for it. There is no point of asking if there is no action associated with your demand. You make yourself eligible only by work. you must work Hard, hard & Hard if you are asking something Big. You have to go into seek mode to find it & keep on knocking the doors until you receive. you got to keep on trying, there is no excuse if you do not!  may be you are not knocking the right doors, you have knock maximum no of doors & there is no number as such in my mind. For Thomas Edison it was 10038 knock until He invented the light Bulb. There is no bare minimum. You have to keep on knocking, Knocking & Knocking! If you do not, may be your good is not good enough.You have to give your best & your best must Best of last time. If you find with faith & persistence , you shall find!
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Ask, Seek & Keep Knocking Till You Receive!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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