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With a Humble Beginning, I Came Pretty Far!

Friends, Today I am pretty Happy for a special reason.Guess what?  Its been almost 3 months now I have started this journey & Today, I have realized that I have came so far. i came across the stats, I Crossed 103 articles. I am sharing few achievements. I am not doing any show off or publicizing myself but I feel pretty proud about the work I did put in, so sharing with all of you. I know they are not too much, still they mean a lot to Me. because I am not in completion with anyone. I compete with myself, no one else. I am here to refine myself not to defeat anyone in the game of numbers. I prefer excellence over perfection. I feel proud that I surpassed my own expectation & I am growing better day after day. I say thank you to all of you.

1Beginner Has now –

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200+ Genuine likes!

2. Members – 


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130+ Genuine Followers across Website, Facebook & Instagram.

3. Concepts- 

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103 Posts Creative & Genuine Posts Published on Blog!


This little Achievement is dedicated to All my Friends, Readers who supported me, showed me love & to my criticizers,Haters as well who motivated me to persist, pour the efforts to prove them Wrong.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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