You Are An Average!

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“Your Attitude Is Greatly Shaped By Influence & Association” @Jim Rohn.

You are An Average! How that sounds to your ears? If someone said to you- You are an average person? Would you accept or appreciate the statement said by someone? But what if that’s true? May be you are not willing to accept it openly, which is okay (we should never accept ourselves as mediocre or average) but what about your actions & contribution to various endeavors of life, may be the underplaying & results you are producing say that its somehow true!

You must be wondering why I started the conversation, post with an irritating note. You might say- This guy talks about inspiration & motivation all the time, why he is talking so derogatory & having such a pessimistic approach towards us. Guys, calm down. Let me complete the sentence. “You are An average of 5 people you associate with.” This is the correct fact which I want to imply but I decided to rattle the cage & make you aware about your progress, the efforts, actions you are putting in life. You must understand the power of Association. It has prolonged effect on your future & destiny.

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My mentor said – You would be always an average of five people you surround with. So, you need to choose them wisely! Never say we became friends by luck, destiny brought us together. Your life would reach to the person who is performing the best in the group. You would try to reach only up to that point/benchmark set or achieved by that person. May be the one who is performing best according to you (or in your group), is performing moderate, and may be mediocre if compared to the outer world. He is an under performer in his real life. Isn’t that stark reality? The one whom you idealize as best is the average in the outer world. What’s that? Improper referencing! Reason- Average Association. That’s the problem of association which is not world class. If you keep on continuing be the part of the group, you wouldn’t perform any better or exceed the level than the one of the group. Analyze your actions, Audit yourself if you are too comfortable to reaching your goals. If you are not working up to your potential, trust me you are in wrong Group which may lead you to wrong path.


Solution is you have to change the group. If you do not find the best people to associate with right now, that’s okay. Keep looking. Over a while you would find. Meanwhile, prefer solitude. I would prefer solitude than improper or derogatory association. It was bit difficult to be a part of mastermind group few years ago, but in the present tech world, you can be part of mastermind group very easily. You can do that by following some great people through social Media, reading their blogs, attending their seminars, through their website & their services. Sometimes good people are not easily accessible, it very difficult to invade their space, privacy. So, you may have to buy their time through some way. It can be either service or value addition or any other sort of contribution.

You would never exceed the top person of the group!

If you are part of mediocre group, no matter how smart you think, You act & you become best in the group, you would always be best among the mediocre which is like above Average but on the other hand if you are part of excellent group & you are lowest performer in the group, still you would be termed as excellent in society! Why? It’s because of the group!

Do not live life anywhere near to word Average i.e the zone of mediocrity! Its not a proud thing! No need to follow the group! If you want create your own group. You should neither be below average nor Above Average! By the way this is not at all relevant to your college score or degree raking.(I am not at all talking about that.)You must be World-Class!

Difficulty in leaving the group –

I do understand, I had been in the wrong group, the group wasn’t bad but the group was mediocre & not ambitious about future or taking actions. I was one of the excitement of the group. I was feeling very proud about myself because I was the only guy with high earning figures, having permanent employee benefits, I was having a better knowledge than all of them. Every day after coming from job, I used to spend/waste 3-4 hours in evening chitchatting, gossiping in the group. I did this for about 4 years. The total time wasted= 4 hours* 365 days* 4 years = 245 days. I almost wasted a year with that group. When I started listening to my Mentor Jim Rohn (about 4 years prior) I decided to walk away from the group. We are still locality friends, when I see those guys & if they ask me to join, I say Hi & I wave my hand to them saying I have work to do & leave the place calmly. I would like to mention the guys are still there, have grown up now, still hoping something to happen, looking for quick fix for better life & making thousands of excuse for their mediocre condition.

People might say how can I leave the group? God brought us together. Why should I? May be destiny brought you together but it’s up to you whether you wish to continue? You have only one choice either choose the group or lose the future! If you want to be the same you can continue, no problem with that but if you wish to exceed your expectation you have walk away from the group politely. If the association is not helping you to succeed then it’s not the right association. In my view – The friends who are not aligned with your goals are not your friends, they are just travelers with you for a while! You association must help you to succeed, it should elevate you, rejuvenate you!

Decide what you want to be? Average or Elite! Either is a result of your thoughts which forms through your association. Remember You Are Not An Average Person, Do Not Let Your Association Make You The One!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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