You Are The Only One!

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Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken!@Oscar wilde.

I wish to have body like Him, I wish to have skin tone like Her, I wish to have hairstyle like him/her, I wish to have Personality like him, I wish to have confidence like Him! We all want to be like somebody or wish to have some sort of personality trait of somebody.

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I ask why? Why do we crave for someone else? We are not robots or piece from the Mold. We are all different! That’s what makes us special. We have to accept, respect & appreciate the god’s offerings! I say you are the only one, you are none of kind, and you have to respect your identity! Maybe you are not perfect, or like the one with whom you are comparing but you are definitely the Unique. You have respect your uniqueness!

The Big Why?

Why do you want to be like someone else? Why do you compare or Crave for it? You are the only one, if you feel you don’t have something with you, then you have to create it! You can definitely create the person you Want to be by working on yourself!

I understood this fact from very beginning, Instead of making myself miserable; I started appreciating what I have! I developed an Attitude of Gratitude! I came to know, I don’t have any competition except the one person i.e Me. My only competition is with the previous version of myself & the future/expected version of myself. I want to leave my past version behind & embrace the future version.

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We are all different! We are not models or Mannequin, we are different that’s what makes the world colorful, beautiful. The diversity makes the life exciting & happening. You want people should accept you but What about yourself? Do you accept yourself? Stop copying the celebrity or the person next door or colleague or friend or the facebook dude or Instagram queen. Stop copying, stop imitating like someone, and stand for yourself! Make your uniqueness as your USP. Even some people might say you are different or eccentric, let them say, make that your identity, it’s far better than falling in a group. If you want to get seen in a crowd you have to look different, matter of fact you have to be different. If you want the wholesome acceptance, you have to believe that you are the One & You have to accept yourself wholeheartedly with all your flaws!

Give Yourself the Hug!

I said about accepting yourself in last passage, let me dig deeper. When it was the last time you said something good about yourself? Do you remember, when did you appreciate yourself? When did you celebrate yourself! What about giving yourself a wonderful hug, a bright smile an open gesture? Try this in the Mirror! Remember if you are not celebrating yourself, you are automatically detesting yourself. Very often, take active interest in celebrating yourself. Drop one birthday party or celebration of family, invest that same time, few hours to treat yourself, celebrate yourself, may be you can do that with the choice of solitude. Give yourself the Hug, Love yourself with open heart. Stop criticizing & condemning yourself for your flaws & failures of the past.

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Create The One!

I said you are the One! May be you are not happy about yourself that’s okay! IF you can accept it, you can change it. If you are not happy with the one, you may have to create the One! You can defiantly create yourself, in fact you can create a new you, the brighter & better version of yourself! If you want to produce a better person outside you have to create a better person inside. Our life is a reflection of our inner self. You can work on your Body, Your Soul, you can work on your brain, your mind & design a better person over a period of time. More than the outer exposure & perks you would be really happy and proud about person you have become from inside in the overall process. Do not be better one for outsiders but be better for yourself! I used to say I am not tall enough, I am skinny, I am not having good hairstyle, I am average & so on .I was always discontent about myself but when I decided to work on myself from outside, it’s of no bigger advantage if it’s not coming from within, I discovered that it all starts from within. It’s the matter of your constructive dialogue from your inner person to your outer person. You can create new one only from inside! Create the new one with the view of excellence not for comparison or competition.

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You Are Unique,Stand For Yourself!

Trust Me, You Are The One! If you do not feel you are best one, You must create One!

You must Respect your uniqueness!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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