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Recently, I had been to a seminar, I came across Few set of words, a wonderful learning which opened my eyes & I got bit serious about my actions, commitment towards the small things.

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The way you do one thing is the way you do everythingwhat a profound message, the words are rumbling in my mind since last week. I remind myself every often if I am leaving the small things in between & not focusing on small tasks.

My View – 

Our mind is an operating system of our body vehicle which drives our destiny! 

If your personal life is unorganized then your professional life would be misaligned & unorganized as well! If your wallet, purse is full of clutter similar way your office desk would be shabby. If your cupboard is messed up, you Work cabin would be definitely untidy. If you are not disciplined in personal life, You would be unorganized, undisciplined in your professional life as well.

Your mind operates on duplication or replication mechanism. It simply sees how you do one thing, it decodes the pattern, when repeated over a period of while, it fixes that pattern into the brain system, we can say it becomes our attitude & sort of habit. So, eventually it applies that to the all fields of our life, personal & professional. It cannot differentiate between a small task or bigger task. It track or approach remains same for all en-devours of life.

I have to say we do not do some things deliberately or intentionally, like we do not like to keep things undone till last moment,but it happens right , we cant help it, Right, that’s okay, I do understand but your mind doesn’t, it doesn’t understand your intentions, it cannot differentiate  between situations.  When you do some thing repetitively It just observes, decodes, produces the same pattern as per the program stored in the background, As per the program created by you, through your attitude! To elaborate- if we are procrastinating, leaving the things in between, undisciplined, cutting the corners, irregular about the small,little things in our personal or daily life, then we would be the replicating exactly same behavior in our professional life & doing the same to the very important decisions of our life as well. Why we because we are slave of our habits, internal dialogue & the default program of cutting the corners or being irresponsible. You cannot be one person at one place, different person at another place. you would be almost similar person at professional life as in your personal life.

Few examples –

  1. If you are not careful about spending  small amount as 100 Rs, this attitude would be reflected when you would be investing or spending 1 lakh, 10 lakhs or 1 crore rupees. Your approach would be the same, somewhat casual.
  2. If you are not waking up at time, giving a pass to necessary things at home, you would be doing same for your office tasks as well. You reach office late, you are giving pass to many important tasks, tossing them from time to time.
  3.  If you are not committed about small decisions of life, not taking responsibilities of little but important chores at home, you would be no different at office, You would be cornering or procrastinating the important tasks day after day or pushing it on someone.
  4. If you are not playing responsible & particular towards few small but important tasks such as paying bills on time, meeting time-lines/promises of your family. So, may be its not a big deal for you right now but guess what you would be showing same behavior at office in a way – Not meeting timelines of project, Deadlines of client work, you may not be meeting the standards & expectation of clients & every time expecting a revision for timelines, making excuses for not meeting them, may be paying penalties as well.
  5. If you are cutting the corners for the small tasks in your home, you would be doing same at your office, leaving the tasks/work in between & keeping it incomplete till very last moment.

The way you do small things, similarly you do bigger things & every thing in your life. Our mind cannot discriminate, it just replicates the actions & results as per your default program which you developed over a period of life.

Never underestimate the importance of doing Small things. Remember The way you do one thing, the way you do Everything!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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