Fear Is The Great Indicator!

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Welcome back ladies & Gentleman, Today’s sharing is a a video message from one of my favorites & our modern day economic, Finance & Risk adviser & world class sales expert Grant Cardone. This guy is confident that He would be reaching net worth of 1 billion in the next few months & has goal to spread his message to 7 Billion people across the World. He said “All 7 billion People should know who is Grant Cardone & What He does” Isn’t that Impossible Goal for most of You bur not for Him! he laughs when other people laugh on his goal & he says that’s why He is Grant Cardone because of his Impossible goals & unbelievable relentless, massive actions. I am a great fan of his Hard work & putting the efforts in life, Take actions philosophy. I follow him a lot as He is my sales, Decision making mentor. He shares his diverse ideas on all social media platforms. I just love them a lot, I am looking forward to meet him as He would be spreading his business in India in coming months.

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Fear Is Not A Bad Thing!

Today’s view point is about Fear. I have/had too  many questions about Fear! I wrote few questions such on paper to clarify my point of view, questions such as –

  1. What is Fear ?
  2. Why Do we Fear ?
  3. How To Abolish Fear ?
  4. How to become Fearless in all situations ?
  5. Is Fear Good Thing or Bad Thing ?
  6. Can we eradicate/vanish The Fear completely ?
  7. How long we should work on our issues to eradicate our Fear ?

Few days ago while, during my search & reads I went through numerous ideas, but I saw this video & I got the real and simple hints about Fear, I saw it almost 20-30 times in a day to get the grasp of his philosophy & immerse the idea in my deeper self, into my soul to take action on my Fear. I feel the views are up to the point, exactly as expected by most of us which we can easily understand-

I Suggest you experience this 2.5 min video & act on your fear. Grant Cardone is my all time favorite, he doesn’t sugarcoat the words & talk sweet stuff, he talks about importance of actions, working really really hard in life to achieve the Goals, importance of Earning money to live a better life. He is man whose catch-line is “Either you are obsessed or Average.”

My view About Fear – Fear is there & Fear would be there! you cannot eradicate it completely from your life. Its not a bad thing but a necessary attribute for you to succeed. You cannot eradicate it completely but you can get better & dampen its impact on your life & actions. Remember, Do not run away from your fear! Face It! Act on it! Run towards your your fear & fear would step back & would be vanished to great extent over a period of while! You cannot be fearless all the time but you can be bold enough to act on your fear, I think this video would get your perspectives right about Fear as Commodity of progress! importance of Fear ! why Fear is necessary in our life & how it plays a great role  in our progress & shaping our destiny!




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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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