There Has To Be A Newness!

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Most of us have a question that Why, We Are Not Reaching Our Goals?

In view of this, I am sharing a famous saying/quote from the worlds successful life Coach & Personal mastery, Mindset development trainer. This quote would shake your from within, definitely force you to do some soul searching. Here it is-

“If you are doing what you are always doing, You would be getting what you are always getting” @ Tony Robbins.

Today’s viewpoint is about Taking New actions to reach our Goals!

Ain’t that True? I feel that 1000% true, read till last to understand the View!

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We Wonder Why? 

We all dream of reaching the dream land. But how much actions do we take? We wonder why we are not reaching our Goals/the dreamland? Why we are stuck into this state? Why your past state & current state looks like the same? You must be wondering why I am at same condition as I was 2-3 years prior. Why is it so? I am working a lot everyday but why there are no results ? Let me answer this Why! See, your future is state or Dream state is totally relevant with the quality of your actions in your current state. If you refer to the saying shared above, it would surely push you into the introspection about your current state of actions, make you realize the the quality & newness of actions you are employing, efforts you are putting in your dream venture every day. Do not get confused between effectiveness & Busyness! If you are busy, doing something all the time doesn’t mean you are effective. Trust Me, I was busy for about 5 years, then realizing that I was busy in irrelevant work that could have been outsourced or completely avoided. If you are not reaching your goals, it means you are busy in wrong things, there is huge issue  about right priorities. Irrespective of your actions its the results that you produce do matter a lot.

There has to be a Newness in Your Actions- 

If you have achieved the goal or on the way to achieve what you are looking for, then its great but if you haven’t! then, may be you are not taking the appropriate actions, may be you are not working on your thinking, may be there is no newness in your actions, if your actions are not bringing results, then your actions are not new, diverse & worthy enough. You have to bring actions to life that are effective (not the one that pose you as busy). You need to understand and change it accordingly. You might feel you are putting your best now, the fact is your best is not really best enough, You need to give better than your existing best. You have to beat the standard of your existing best and set new standard of the best every now & often. you have to read more, explore more, meet new people, seek new ways to reach your Goal . else you would be on the same point where you are now & blaming your fortune, destiny but I feel there is nobody to blame than your actions. If you want something new, you have to think something New, you have to start something new, You have to act something New! If you do not do something New you would be old very soon & there is no procedure to renew a mindset of Human Being! You must rework on your thinking, Rework on your association, Re work on your philosophy, Re-work on your Belief &  Re-work on you Attitude You need to Re-work on your actions!

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Trust Me! New Results cannot be achieved through old Mindset & same set of Actions! @ Mahendra Kapady.

You have to bring something new,There must be Newness in your Actions!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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