Key Thought Of The Day (V-6)!

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Hello Friends , Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner! Thank you for tuning in for the daily Post. #Inspiration.

Welcome back to our key Thought Series – Volume 6.

Hi, Today’s viewpoint is about letting it Go

What do you feel when someone cheats you! Someone betrays you & someone stabs you in back? or when someone’s action disturb you, destabilize you & dishearten You! You may feel angry, disheartened or dejected for a while, You may lose your peace of mind. the first though that comes to your mind is “Tit For Tat.” Our mind doesn’t leave a single chance to convince you to get revengeful . You might feel that I should go same ways & ” Make it Even” Isn’t that True? Of course, it is very true ! We are trained & cultured this way! Thinking this way is pretty common! Make it Even is the first sort of thought that comes to our mind, if someone is not experiencing such sort of thoughts then he must be faking or he is saint for whom the emotions, profit, loss is beyond measure. (Probably such person are hardly found in this era)

But I have a viewpoint to share with you-

A good life may be matter of chance or fortune but a great life is always a Matter of choice! What if you make a choice of “Make It Even” , you just play your cards & cause the damage bigger than what he/she has caused to you! Now you must be feeling good ? Happy? In fact you should be feeling great! Isn’t It ? But Do you? I am sure you don’t! You must be feeling pitiful about your actions! to some extent, You must be cursing yourself for your actions? Why ? Just because of the bad choice in the agitated state of mind you did something inappropriate , which is not aligned with your values & principles. In the process you lost your Peace of Mind! You became someone radically different than who you really are! Do you feel proud about your action! Definitely not!

I don’t know why but I never employed such “Make It Even “philosophy for some reason, may be I was nurtured or raised different way. I always believed in forgiveness & still believe in forgiveness. I always ask myself ” Mahendra, If you are doing the same as they did to you, then What’s the difference? I always asked myself ” What’s The Difference.” & kept on reminding myself that be difference maker. Don’t be revengeful but be difference Maker. Be A forgiver! This choice would push you a step forward because you would be always in your control & never lose your peace of mind for such unworthy people.

I always believed in Forgiveness! I always believed in letting it go! I trusted wrong people, I made mistakes. I got fooled, misused, mistreated by some selfish & worthless people. I felt disheartened & dejected but I never took the choice of Making it Even. Instead, I started taking precautions to not fall under such circumstances in future, I used my pain as source of learning & reminded myself – do not repeat the mistakes again. The actions of vengeance, revenge never take your forward, they always push you behind or distract you from your goal or dreams. I am suggesting you to be precautions, do not get fooled by someone, but in case if you get caught in some situations or in hurt/pain , Use the pain, emotions & anger for your advantage, which would lead to your ultimate growth, The wisdom & choices you make would definitely push you few step forward.

Hence, I am sharing a quote from Marcus Aurelius as key though of the day!

Image result for the best revenge marcus aurelius quote



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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