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Today’s post is turnaround thinking totally in relevance (backing from) with the philosophy of APJ Abdul Kalam, about their faith in the capability of indian Youth.

From My School & College days-  

I Was really good performer in School & I was on the first bench for almost 12 years, like I was glued to it. In case for any reason if I couldn’t get it, I used to cry & request Teacher, head mistress to grant me the place. I was too comfortable with first bench in my school.

But after my matriculate, I went to college. I saw guys from all over the place in my college. I was from local/vernacular Medium. I was not at all fluent in English. I could hardly introduce myself. So, I got assaulted by the Inferiority complex. I said to myself, these guys are so smart , scored better marks than Me.I don’t deserve the First Bench. If they ask me anything what I would answer to them? They might make fun of me, criticize me over this.

So, In order avoid the questions & escape the attention from Teachers I started preferring the Last Bench. I made my friends who had the same escape thinking. You don’t believe I use to reach early to classroom & everywhere to get the seat on last bench, So that Teacher wouldn’t catch Me or make us sit at front rows. Isn’t that funny, its exactly opposite to my days in school. In 1 year there was a total turnaround in my thinking. I was feeling useless & attending the class just to have at least attendance advantage if I couldn’t score enough marks & they might promote Me. But in the tough time of transition I did study hard in background/at my home & passed all my years with first class grades.

But when I revisit those days & rekindle those memories , I got to know a strange fact, that we used to prefer last bench to avoid attention but all the time teachers deliberately asked us questions & made fun of us very frequently, we had all the attention through out the years. They knew our names & our scores. We use to feel useless, worthless because we were not so good in score, producing bare minimum near 6-7 CPI .Now, when I did some analysis about our progress, we guys who used to seat on last 2 benches are doing really well in personal & career life, In-fact most of us are doing much better on scale, achievement, contribution, reaching newer heights in their career than those first benchers. because life doesn’t ask for your grades , degrees or certificates it rewards as per the value you bring to the marketplace, to the lives of people around you through your Work. It bless your for your contribution & excellence towards service. I am proud that we did excel in that.

(Please note- I have no envy or competition with anyone, I am just putting my perspective.)

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said something which might open your eyes, it might change your view about looking towards back benchers.

“The Best Brains Of The Nation May Be Found On The Last Benches Of The Classroom.”- APJ Abdul Kalam.


See, I do not have to say anything about people who score good marks, Who seat on first bench. But what about the last benchers? They don’t deserve respect? Ask them What they have to say? why They are on last bench? Are they on last bench voluntarily or because of fear. Is last bench their choice or the escape path. I just have to say , we all are different, May be the people at last bench may not have good academics but they must be having something good in them. Teachers (& we as individual)  have to explore it rather than criticizing them.

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Ain’t That True? 



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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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