Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait?

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I have a question for you-

Do you believe in Waiting? Do you Wait for things to get happen? What do we exactly mean by waiting? What is the extent of your waiting?

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You must have heard about this quote about Waiting! Do you really believe it?


I Am Not Sure? How You Interpret Waiting?


What do you say about this viewpoint? Can you just spare a thought?

Hi, Guys I have a bit of contrasting viewpoint to share with you today – I was follower of the this viewpoint, I waited for months, years after years but nothing happened.when After a while I realized , I have completely misinterpreted the whole philosophy behind the waiting ! Its been said “Be Patient, Good things Happen to those who wait.” I completely misjudged it.

Nowadays, lots of people use this viewpoint to defend their laziness, apathy & lack of enthusiasm. They say they are waiting, A guy in our society said “I am Patient,for good things to happen.” They resemble their inaction to waiting, which is totally nonsense. If you are thinking big, doing nothing that cannot be termed as waiting, its totally a nightmare, you are wasting your time.

Waiting is not about the defensive physical trait but its actually an Attitude trait. Its about the right kind of Patience. Its about the attitude you wear while you are on your journey towards something. Its like- you are working on your dreams, your goals , despite of failures, setbacks, hardships & challenges you are still on the same path, persistent to reach your goals, that can be termed as real sort of Waiting. Waiting doesn’t mean inaction. Good things doesn’t happen automatically if you just dream big dreams while relaxing on your bed, sipping a coffee, waiting for someone to give you a break or launch you, while you are doing nothing. Good things happen when you work, you put everything you have into action. and while working even though you didn’t get the instant results, you are still patient, calm, composed, optimistic about the future.

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Still Waiting! Do Not Let This Happen To You!

later I understood If you really want to be great, All you got to do is work, You got to Hustle! You got to sweat, you got put everything you got to make it happen.

May be good things happen while I wait but I do not want to be good now, I am not willing to settle for Good, I want to be Great!

While I was reading autobiography of Abraham Lincoln, I came across this viewpoint, which literally cleared the clutter that I had about the word waiting or patience!

I want you to refer to this quote & really get through the importance of Hustle & Waiting in a right way.


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Decide to be Great but do not wait for things to happen. Jump in, Take actions, Put in efforts, Hustle & Just make it happen. No matter what, No matter whichever way it goes,  No matter whatever it Takes, Do not get satisfied with the Leftovers! Jump higher to clinch the Top Spot! You would definitely have it through the Hustle!

If you really want to Be Great, Hustle is the Bright Way! The Right Way & The Only Way! @ Mahendra Kapady.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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