Stop Cursing Your Problems!

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Today’s I am sharing small view about The Problems!Its about importance of Problems!

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Problems Are Important! 

We all suffer by problems throughout our lives. More or less everyone has a share. Everyone has to go under the cycle of problems. No one can walk away untested from this life. Sometimes, We wonder why these problems are there? Why Me? Why this is happening to Me?

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My view about problems is bit different. I do understand Problems look like evil. They land in your life out of sudden, They just shake you, dishearten you, break you & shatter you from within. They just make hell out of Your life. Sometimes,They not only embarrass you but they demoralize you as well. Isn’t that true? Do you have any thoughts to share? All of you must have gone through such period at some point of your life. We all have our share, We all have our difficult story with us which we wish to forget!

The New View – 

Its right that problems Shatter you, they make hell out of you! But the important thing is they change You! They push you into the zone of uncertainties. Problems force you to change! They give you an opportunity to re-invent You! They give you a chance to relaunch You. Problems bring the force, some difficult decisions, some very tough calls. Its up to you to break under the force or get Bold by sustaining the Force! Its your temperament, Attitude that makes the difference! Problems are not evil, in fact they are opportunities knocking your door in non-glamorous avatar. In other words, Problems are opportunities in shabby clothes banging your door, forcing you to change! They force you to change in many ways –  They force you Change to become wiser, Change to become Bolder, Change to become stronger, change to become resilient.

Problems do not arrive for sake of it. Problems arise to carve a better personality out of you, To furnish your life like a priceless craft. Its about your perspective to look upon. Under few circumstances, pressure ,uncertainty & problems, whether to just go through it or grow through It! Your problems can either make you or break You! Its about your choice to choose!

In my view – Problem come/arise to define your existence! They arrive to test you. to evolve you as better person. They come to define your philosophy. They arise to correct your path, re-route you on the right Path. In my view Problems arise to challenge you , to hone the fighting & survival skills within You! Problems discover something that you were not aware about yourself!

“If It Doesn’t Challenge you , It Doesn’t Change You.” @Anonymous.

We should stop cursing our problems. Instead we should focus on the root cause, What is the reason for this problem? You need to ask Who Is Responsible? Every time someone must be responsible! You Know who is Responsible? In my view One person is always responsible for your Problems, situations! It None other than You! You must accept the face that only you are Responsible. Affirm ” I am Are Responsible.” Its not a magical formula or mantra. It is the Right perspective. This statement puts you in control of your life & solutions start approaching you through some route! Its not magic or any attraction therapy, its because the right perspective open numerous ways for you & your mind start looking for problem, just like cybernetic Mechanism!

Say Yes To Problems! Do not say Why Me? Be Ready & say in your Mind Try Me!

When You Say No To problems, You Are Saying No To Opportunities! @ Mahendra Kapady.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.



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