The Real Sense Of Giving 100%

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Today’s Post is sharing from my Met Maxx Rajput who is wonderful human being & believe in working towards excellence. We share some healthy ideas, communicate very frequently during our Toastmasters Meeting, He always serves source of information, ideas to Me. I really loved his point of view, hence I decided to share this with you guys on this medium.


It is said “If you put your mind to something, if you give 100%, if you dedicate yourself completely, anything is truly possible”.

Do you all agree to this?

Right? Isn’t it? Anything and Everything is possible if you give your 100%.

But many times it happens, that even after giving your 100% you don’t succeed.

Isn’t it? This happens! You must be wondering why? Why with Me?

Now there could be two reasons for such a situation.

  1. You could feel – May be it was not in my destiny, I am not fortunate enough.
  2. May be I did cut some corners! May be we didn’t gave 100% in real sense. I could have done better!

I do not believe & rely on fortune long enough.We are the makers of our own destiny So let’s keep the 1st reason aside. Let us talk on the 2nd reason.

We often think that we gave our 100% towards our goals. But the question is, have you really gave your 100%?

The question is do we really know what giving 100% means?

Let me give you an illustration.

Scenario 1:

Image result for average man running

You are not a frequent runner. You don’t often go for jogging or running. Suppose If I ask you to run. I ask you give your 100% while doing that.

You will start running.  When you have covered a distance of 200-300 meters, you start feeling tired. You may want to stop. But as I have told your give your 100% you will push yourself a little more and will continue to run. By the time you cover another 200 meters, your mind will start giving up. It will start convincing that your capacity is exhausted. You will feel that this is the maximum that you can do. Still you will try to push a little more remembering the 100% thing. And finally after sometime you will give up and stop. In total you will cover approximately a distance of half a kilometer and stop, considering that you gave your 100%.

Scenario 2:

Image result for doberman dog

You are not a frequent runner. You don’t often go for jogging or running. Suppose If I ask you to run. But this time I don’t ask you to give your 100% but I simply leave a Hungry Doberman Dog behind you to chase you and bite you.

What do you think how you will run now? Obviously, you will run more in the 2nd scenario, than what you ran in first scenario.

Image result for doberman dog chasing man

You will feel tired and exhausted but there will be no question of stopping because you will be running to save yourself, to save your life. In scenario 2 it was the situation that was pushing you to run

In scenario 1 it was your mind that was pushing you to run and believe me guys your mind did not push you hard because the conditions were pretty normal, you were comfortable to give up as and when required. Because the mind has set the definition of 100% to a very lower limit than your actual limit.

You had the capability to run more, but your mind had set barrier. So, hence you gave you quickly.

 We need to understand something- 

Our minds have created boundaries around us .These boundaries limit us physically and mentally from giving our 100%. We Need To Realize That Our Capabilities Are Greater Than What Our Minds Had Defined.

We need to recognize and realize our true potential in order to give our 100%.

An Eccentric story of Giving 100%

Image result for boxer practicing hard

Once there was a famous boxer who had won many fights and championship. He used to win every match that he participated. He had fights where he had defeated opponent twice his size. His fights were really miraculous. People use to wonder what could be secret of his success. Once in an interview, he was asked “What is the secret of you success? How do manage to win such difficult fights?”

He answered and shared his secret.

He said I work out and practice very hard. When I practice, I give all my efforts and energy and continue the practicing till I have no energy left. After sometime I feel completely tired and exhausted. I think of stopping, but then I imagine what my opponent must be doing now. I see that my opponent is still practicing. Having imagined that, I continue my workout. I Practice harder. I put more efforts and energy. After sometime again I feel exhausted, I think of giving. But I again think what my opponent must be doing. I see he is still practicing. Imagining this I again gather all the courage and energy and continue my work again. My body has almost lost all energy, but I feel my opponent is till practicing, how I can stop. I continue and practice even harder. After sometime I can’t just handle it, my body is about to collapse. I feel my heart will stop beating any moment. I think of stopping. But before stopping I Imagine what my opponent must be doing now. I see that even he has also stopped by now.  Then I ask myself, should I stop now? I say NO, I can’t stop now. If I stop now our practices will be on equal levels. If I have to win, I have to surpass him; if I have to win, I have to exceed him in practice. And I still continue my workout, when he has stopped. This is the point where take a lead over him even before the match. This is the point where I decide to my 100% in real sense.

This is secret of my success.

Isn’t this example relevant to our life as well? We love to listen to this but do we follow it that rigorously? Do we subscribe to this philosophy!

For all of us, there comes a point when we feel completely tired and exhausted.

There comes a point, where we feel that we can’t take it anymore!

There comes a point where we feel like giving it up!

What we do when that point comes? We give up, thinking that this is the maximum that we could do, thinking that we have given our 100%.

We FAIL, we fail to realize that when we feel that we can’t take it anymore!

When we feel completely tired and exhausted!

But we should understand that it’s not to time stop, but that is time to intensify to efforts.

That it’s not the time to quit, but it’s time to go harder.

That it’s not the time to be in your limit but it’s the time to unleash yourself and transcend your capabilities.

It’s the time to break the limitation that your mind has set.

It’s the time to choose to give your 100% in real sense.

Remember Anything That Doesn’t Kill Makes You Stronger!

You will not die nor you will suffer in any way, you will only extend your limits. You will only move closer towards your goal.

If you give your 100% towards your goal, as the boxer did during his practice, Do you think is there any chance that you will not succeed? Definitely not, you will surely succeed.

Next time you feel you completely tired and exhausted, Next time you feel that you can’t it any more, Next time you feel like giving up, Remember that is not the time to stop that is time to intensify your efforts. That is not the time to quit that it’s the time to go harder!

Anything and Everything is possible if you give your 100% in real sense!

Now you know what it means to give your 100 %, Right?


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Note – Article shared by Maxx Rajput. Edited by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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