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Today’s Post is another sharing from my Met Maxx Rajput to whom I introduced in the last blog, He is a wonderful human being & believe in working towards excellence. He always serves source of information, new ideas to Me. I really loved his point of view, hence I decided to share this with you guys on this medium.


A great person has said “If someone makes you feel comfortable, convenient and happy, that someone could be your friend, your loved one or your well-wisher. But that person, whoever he is, cannot be your teacher.

Then who is Your Real Teacher? A True teacher is someone who puts you into uncomfortable and inconvenient situations!

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A True teacher is someone who makes you go through problems and difficulties!

A True teacher is someone who makes you walk the harder path!

Because convenience, comfort and ease of life don’t create strong and successful personalities!

It is the inconvenience, struggle and difficulties that strengthen a person in life!

It is the inconvenience, struggle and difficulties that enable a person to surpass his limitations!

It is the harder path that creates strong and successful personalities!

Mamma Giraffe As Tough Teacher –

We all know that big animal, the giraffe. In the jungle a mamma giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe, standing. All of a sudden, the baby falls on a hard surface from the cushion of mama’s womb, and sits on the ground. Do you know what is the first thing that Mamma Giraffe does? She gets behind the baby and gives him a hard kick. The baby is completely clueless. He tries to get up, but his legs are weak and he falls down. Mamma Giraffe again gets behind him and gives him one more kick. Out of the pain, the baby tries to gets up again. But his wobbling legs have no strength to stand and he again falls down. Mamma doesn’t stop there. She again kicks the baby, this time harder. The baby giraffe now cannot bear the pain. With all his efforts and strength he tries to get up on his trembling legs. But Mamma Giraffe has no mercy left she continues kicking the baby, every time harder. After few extremely painful kicks finally the baby gets on its feet and starts running away from his mother.

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The Necessary Pain For Survival!

Do you know Why Mamma giraffe does this to the baby? Because mama knows that the only chance of survival for the baby in the jungle is to get on its feet and start running. Otherwise it will be eaten up by wildcats and become dead meat.

Mamma giraffe takes the harder way to teach the baby the most important lesson of his life.She makes the baby go through a difficult and painful situation; only to make his strong enough for his survival.

Do you think it was possible for mamma giraffe to teach the same thing in a comfortable and convenient way?

Definitely not. The pain, the struggle was necessary.

Don’t you think that this example very well apply to our lives? Don’t you think Life is like the mamma giraffe, our True teacher, who often puts us into struggle, pain and difficulties, only to make us a strong and better person? Who makes us walk the harder path only to strengthen and prepare us for the life ahead.

If we all look back in lives, we will realize.

All those times when we choose to face the struggle and walk the harder path, we succeeded and achieved something. We transcended our capabilities and became stronger than before.

And all those times when we choose to be comfortable and ignored the path of struggle and efforts, we failed to achieve something. We pushed ourselves deeper into our weaknesses and in capabilities.

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The standpoint of the discussion is –

We all want an easy and comfortable life. But we fail to realize that Struggle, difficulties and hardships are not our enemy but our True teacher. They exist to make us and not break us.

They exists only make us stronger and better every time. Remember, Anything That Doesn’t Kill Makes You Stronger!

I would share the second part of this article tomorrow as The Harder Path! Please stay tuned.


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Note – Article shared by Maxx Rajput. Edited by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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