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We all wish to be successful. Everyone want to be successful & flying in the sky but the majority of the Humans want it to happen only one way i.e. through The Easy Way! It’s similar to the case of overweight person who wants to lose some weight and look handsome but He isn’t willing to run quarter of a mile, still He is hoping to lose weight & possess the body like a celebrity. Isn’t that a fantasy! It’s a mere fantasy. It’s a definitely a dumb fantasy & despite knowing all this, people still spend their life expecting the overnight wonders. I heard the common statement – One Day I will be in good shape, One day I would be this, I day I would be that….. , Lots of 1 day I will…………… statements. I have to say one thing to all of us, One day you would be in graveyard, so its better you start acting now to realize your dreams & goals. Long story short people want everything to happen in their life through the easy path but great things doesn’t happen via easy path. Life is not bed of roses but it’s a ride through the thrones. You have to choose the Harder Path. Sometimes, you need to find/invent, create, build & walk through the nightmares on this dusty and patchy Road.

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The strange Fact-

We all expect someone to help us to make our journey our life easy, not only in our difficult times but all times. We expect someone should support us, so we can grow faster without much of the hassle. Isn’t it? Obviously that’s the human tendency to look for comfort, there is nothing wrong in it. But does that help you in long run? Of course not because in my view someone who helps you a lot is the one who is making you weak in long Run! Why? Because He/She is not letting you uncomfortable? He is not allowing you to experience the desperate times. He is protecting you from the hassle, a much needed tough times. Trust me if you are not getting uncomfortable you cannot be successful. You cannot be strong if you are not into hassle. You got to be hungry, desperate, uncomfortable & into the hustle in order to be successful. You cannot be brave if you are expecting someone to fight your battles. Remember the path of success is not so obvious, it’s full of uncertainties & lots of Hassle.

The Harder Path brings the New Life –

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We all know the process of metamorphosis where the caterpillar turns in to butterfly.

In this process towards the end, when the caterpillar has completely transformed into butterfly inside the cocoon, the butterfly has to struggle a lot to break the cocoon and come out of it.

There is small story around this, let me share it with you.

A boy spent hours watching a butterfly struggling to come out from the cocoon. The butterfly managed to make a tiny hole in the cocoon, but its body was too large to get through it. After a long struggle, it appeared to be exhausted and remained absolutely still. Seeing this boy decided to help the butterfly. He cuts opens the cocoon with pair of scissors and releases the butterfly. However the butterfly’s body was swollen and its wings were crumpled the boy continued to watch the butterfly, hoping that the butterfly will open its wings and fly away. but it never happened. The butterfly spent rest of her life crawling around with her swollen body and small shriveled wings, incapable of flight.

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Do you know why this happened to the butterfly?

Because the butterfly was supposed to struggle and break the cocoon by itself. The butterfly’s was supposed to struggle. The process of struggle would have pushed the fluid out of the butterfly’s body and into its wings. The process of struggle would have strengthened its wings making it capable of flight.

In short process of struggle to come out of that tiny hole and break the tight cocoon is the nature way of training the butterfly and strengthening its wings. This struggle and efforts prepares the butterfly for its future life.

The boy wanted to make the butterfly’s struggle comfortable and easy, but ended up depriving the butterfly of the beautiful life ahead.

Don’t you think Life makes us walk the harder path only to strengthen and prepare us for the life ahead! On the other hand, don’t you think we have people around us i.e. our parents, friends who are like the boy, who broke the cocoon to make the butterfly’s struggle easy and comfortable?

Even we often choose to make our lives comfortable and easy by avoiding the path of struggle and efforts. Unknown of the fact that by doing this we will deprive ourselves of becoming strong and capable for the life ahead.

If we all look back in lives, we will realize.

All those times when we choose to face the struggle and walk the harder path, we succeeded and achieved something. We transcended our capabilities and became stronger than before.

And all those times when we choose to be comfortable and ignored the path of struggle and efforts, we failed to achieve something. We pushed ourselves deeper into our weaknesses and in capabilities.

The point I am trying to make is, we all want an easy and comfortable life. But we fail to realize that Struggle, difficulties and hardships are not our enemy but our true teacher. They exist to make us and not break us. They exists only make us stronger and better every time.

On the other hand – comfort, convenience and ease of life will only make us inactive, lethargic and directionless. They will never lead us to success. No one ever in this world had been successful by being comfortable and at ease. It’s been said the prosperous times develops vices but adverse times develop virtue! You got to be brave enough to jump into battlefield & fight your own battles!

The same thing is conveyed by sir APJ Abdul Kalam in his book ‘Wings of fire’.

He says “Why to be afraid of difficulties, sufferings and problems? When troubles come, try to understand the relevance of your sufferings. Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection.

These lines explain the same thing. Difficulties and problems only come to build your strength in area where you lack strength.

I must say don’t pray for an easy life. The Harder Path may bring some uncertainties but at the same times it brings something miraculous in our lives. An easy life may not be worth living. Instead embrace the difficulties, problems and struggles in your life. Because its often the difficult roads that leads to beautiful destinations!


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– Written by Maxx Rajput & Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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