The 12 Traits of Mediocrity!

Hello Friends,

Few days ago, I came across a Rags to Riches story of a Man whose family migrated from Soviet union to America illegally to live a secure life for. His family wanted to save their elder child from getting into soviet Army. This guy was only 6 year kid at that time. He did saw some really tough days eating the expired food from dumpyard of the family store, his family getting fired by landlords after every few months & been enrolled into many different school, struggling to speak language, struggling to fit in. But he did not stop there, He kept on putting the efforts, He left no stone un-turned. Worked 2-3 places each single day for years.  he kept on fighting & finally his western Dream come true. The American Dream! He is the founder of the fitness chain Fit Body Bootcamp, which revolutionized the personal coaching in the fitness Industry.  He has around 650+ franchise of Fit Body Bootcamp across the globe  today. The Guys is on the spree, with the Audacious goal of opening 2500 branches across the World & He wish to see every person across the globe to be fit & free from health issues or lifestyle diseases.

His life is a source of inspiration to all of us. This guy worked as Blue collar & now works as White collar servant leader who trains people to be successful & effective in their personal & professional lives. He is the Guy who Dropped out of college, without any degree or certificates but now in great demand & highly sought after High Performance Coach, He is none other than The Bedros Keulian!

I am really great fan of Bedros Work & His Work Hard- Never Give up Philosophy! today, I am sharing with you his ideology that I really liked the most & He shared some very simple but unnoticed traits, on which we spend our most of the energy & live mediocre lives. Along with that he also shared 7 traits of High Performers.

I want to you to watch this video over & over again. There are too many things to learn from this sharing .You must take something from this video and apply it to your life!


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– Written by  Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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