Treat People Like Real People!

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We are all humans, we are “Child of God.” There is a beautiful line from a song World Hold On – its like “We are children of the sky.” Yes, we are children of the sky, we are special, that’s why the Almighty, our creator has taken a time to create ourselves.


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We all know according to science, it takes a time of 9 months to create a human life but in my philosophy, it’s a long period of 9 months God has taken deliberately. He utilized so long tenure to create, produce & send a special human life (being) on earth. He has taken such a period to send a unique identity on this earth to create difference. He took lot of efforts, so that none of his creation should be looking identical. The final product should be unique and distinct in all ways!

Isn’t that true? In my view of course, it is!

All Humans are special & equal. See, we would be going to the grave same way we had been brought on this earth. How? Naked! God did not make any difference while sending us here & same way he would not keep any during your departure from this earth. We came on this earth with empty hands & we would be leaving this place exactly the similar way. Its We who placed labels on people to differentiate them. Rich, Poor, Upper Class, Middle Class & many more. Despite knowing all people are equal, still we do not treat people appropriately. Why? Because they are not like us! They don’t look like us, they do not have social status like us! They do not dress like us, they don’t live and behave like us! That’s sickness.

I suggest we should Treat people like real people, don’t classify them as important and non-important. Don’t differentiate between people! All are important! We all have value! Try to see the people beyond their dress, education, House, vehicle & beyond all those social certificates. See the people beyond the material standards. Do not see what they have but Do see what they are! That’s the only way we should always deal with people!

Yeah, there is a family and relationship priorities but understand deeper philosophy “All are important” , “All are special”. So, You must be wondering How to Show/treat them Important? You do not have to do too much. You can make them feel important by smiling at them, by patiently listening to them, by shaking hands with them, by appreciating them, by helping them. We have to do all that genuinely,not just for sake of it! See, its not how you treat them for hours, days and weeks but how you make them feel for a moment, in the present time .That really creates a difference!

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Treat people like human beings not like the Pawns, Animals or Machines!

Do not use People. If you use people you would lose people! Treat people with emotions, value and feelings. Treat them with importance. Treat them with real kindness. Treat them honest opinions, feedback & open heart. If you keep your heart closed to the people, may be it would never open again. You can keep it functioning healthy by responding well to all people. Do not discriminate your behavior with your boss and your sub-ordinates and colleagues. Behave with all of them with the same enthusiasm, kindness and warm feelings! Respect your boss as well as your subordinates! Why? Because they deserve it!

Try to close the gap of sub integrity!

I have seen a person in my company who is very polite, humble and co-operative with his boss but at the same time he is very rude, ignorant and non-cooperative to his sub-ordinates and fellow mates. I have heard him saying to his subordinates that your work is not that important for me, go to Mr. X. See, This person maybe earning  large amount of money, holding a top class designation in organization but in my view “He is definitely not a successful picture” that somebody should get inspired from.

Don’t treat people with their grades, their salary and their appearance. At the end of the day, so the end of the life, you are all humans. We are not the Labels or Titles. We are humans as prime. At the end, it doesn’t matter how good Worker, Manager, Head or C.E.O. you were but how good and worthy human being you were! At the end of your life, your worth does not depend on the cars you have drove, the house you bought and the bank balance you had, it depends on how kind you were to the genuine people !

Your honest worth depends on “How Good Human Being You Are”

“Treat people as beings not as things.” If you cannot process 3 files a day, don’t expect, compel somebody to make 10. See from their prospective. If you are not then how can they?

Treating people with humanity is the best thing you can do with them, the best gift you can offer to them to create a difference in their lives!Compassion is not a weakness, it need of the human race.

So, “Treat the People the Way you wish to Get Treated”


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– Written by  Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved

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