The Landing Question of the day?



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Its been a long while we are talking about Inspiration, Elevating our thoughts. Its been a good start, feels overwhelmed with your response. I have shared about 100+ articles over various endevours of life to help people staying inspired, improving ourselves, human transformation & new view perspective.

Its been a good start but Good start is not enough if we are not walking further. We have to walk  step after step, day after day to reach new milestone before reaching the summit. I am sure you guys are working on yourselves & doing something.

Still, I have question for you!

What Are You Doing Today In Direction Of  Your Dreams?

Is that a right question?

Why This Question ?

We all have heard that We should Dream Big! That’s 1000% True! I do agree its Important but its only the first step of the process.What about the next step? What is your next move? too many people just dream big, affirm & keep on sharing there big vision about future but their actions are lagging far behind their Talk. Same was happening with me,Even though I was not publicly saying anything but my inner energy & moves were not in sync with my outer moves i.e. actions. I was full of enthusiasm inside but I was completely stagnant outside. I was procrastinating day after day, looking for right time before this question hit Me! I am sure most of you must be feeling this way.

Do you feel its a right question? For few it might sound foolish or may be irrelevant, you  might feel clueless? I don’t know whether this is Right or Not ? but definitely this is an uncomfortable question. This is something difficult to digest question! Ain’t it? For Me it is. And I am sure this is & would be who really understood the true meaning behind the words?

This is the decider question? The decider of Greater Future.It can be said as a Landing Question for The Future!

This was really an Eyeopener question for Me, when suddenly one morning something popped in my mind what am I doing? when I realized that I am just saying something in my mind, affirming something to myself but am I really doing what is necessary? Even though I was doing good & doing something everyday but is that enough? I understood my good is not good enough, I need to perform better.

I wrote the question on board in big Bold Letters & every morning I begin my day with question?

Mahendra, What are You doing today in direction of your Dreams? It shuts the reasons, excuses of my mind, Switches off my I would do it later concepts It & directly puts me in action mode. Try & Experience the Difference!


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– Written by  Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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