Two Dream Killer Words!

Today, I would like to share few ideas from the the seminar /speech I heard from the Person whose life made a really good impression on my mind. He said “You Got to Be Hungry ” if you want to be successful. He is none other than Les Brown. I am great fan of his work & his “get Hungry “philosophy.

He mentioned about- What it stops us from reaching the goal, to live the dream life?

The Two words are If & But.

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In My view- The “IF” represent fantasy & The “BUT” resemble with excuses.

Its been said & observed that Every time people do not achieve their Dreams or Goals they have already drafted two sentences in their mind & they use one of them appropriately in their situation. They might use one of the two statements to support their failure, to defend themselves.

  1. I could have done this But —————–
  2. If I get this, I would ——————-

such sort of statements, you just have to fill in the blanks.People can fill these statements with thousands of diverse fantasies & excuses.

For example lets take simple example of staying in the shape. For that you need to go to Gym, or someplace like clubhouse or do some sort of exercise.

Few people whom i interact with feel amazed about my enthusiasm, energy & never ending activities till midnight, they ask me How I mange to do that ? How you act so fresh all the time? & they complain about their health. When people complain a lot about health, I suggest them to have some exercise & rejuvenate themselves & for a while I wait for their response! I knew what’s coming? About 90% of the People say-

  1. If I get some more spare time I could have done the exercise
  2. I Could have done the exercise but I do not have spare time.

So, in my view this is sure way towards failure. Because if You really want to exercise, more than time, money or resources, You need to have the drive within you, the desire to get in shape. You need to have something within you & the surprise is it all comes at no cost but needs some introspection. You need a Will to begin, Patience, Commitment, Determination, Discipline, Persistence. Time is all there, 24 hours. You have to make it as an priority, Everything else is an excuse.

Some people complain so much & they use these words so extensively as they are brand ambassador of Them. For every scenario they have hundreds of “If & But ” concepts. They live in an deceptive world full of disillusion. Every time I see them, I feel like they are carrying a badge on their Head as “I am an IF Man.” & ” I am a BUT Man.” & trust me genuinely successful people would never like to associate with such People. I hope you do not want to be like any of them.

I suggest you every time you are using the words If & But, remind yourself that you are indirectly saying “I Can’t” & to feel the dreadfulness, Imagine someone running with a big sign “You cant” on board laughing on you because you gave up. Million of people gave up in life because they kept on using these words for a long period of while.

I suggest that you must eradicate these words from your vocabulary, make a commitment to erase them from daily communication.

If you keep using IF you would never start in life & if you keep on using BUT You would be putting break to you progress. In Simple words By using IF You do not initiate the progress by using the BUT You halt your progress. Because the more you use the words IF & BUT you get into the victim Mode & you start blaming life, people, situations for your problems & you give more and more excuses to defend yourself and save your face when you have to confront the truth. I strongly believe that there is no point in making excuses. Excuses propel you backward into the valley of failure. Why excuses are dangerous?  I have heard somewhere that If you make excuses your mind starts working on the path to defend them & the path you lead is nothing but of mediocrity.

Today, Too many people are fighting within & looking to the solutions outside. In my philosophy in order to achieve anything in your life You have to win the battle of “I Can’t” first. For that you have take control of your Life. The switch from “I Can’t” to “I Can” is possible only if you use associate your actions with a right vocabulary! Slap yourself or pinch yourself  harder when you Use The Words IF & BUT to defend yourself. I strongly recommend you to Be bold, Be Brave! Face The situation Head On, No matter how Painful or How shameful It can be but do not try to save your face by using these killer words.These Words May Help You Temporarily But Hurt You Brutally In The Long Run! You can grow in life only when you confront with difficult situation & Brutal truth. You have to face the truth that makes you uncomfortable, which ultimately helps you to get better & Grow faster & become something that you want to Aspire.The great life is not possible if you keep on lying on the bed of mediocrity with pillows of If & But! This comfortable life is an illusion of good life, you may feel comfortable today but you would be regretting about it in the long Run!

Make A resolve- No If, No But! If you really want to accede in your life Never use these Dream Killer Words!


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– Written by  Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved


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