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We All know the importance of words in our life. Words use appropriately can build someone & misused can destroy his morale. But have you made any effort to monitor the words that you use for yourself?

I Ask- Do you keep your Word? We all have heard about importance of keeping the word with people. It’s been said you must keep your word! Else you would lose your prestige, value. You may lose your importance as well. In addition to that you may lose your credit-ability & trust if it’s happening repetitively. Isn’t that true? Of course! You must be very careful about maintaining your word to keep your respect & social position intact in the society? But today, I am going to talk about different perspective!

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I am talking about Do You Respect Your word? I am not talking about keeping your word with the people, Society & external part of the world. I am talking about the inner dimension! Do you respect the word that you give it to yourself? Do you respect your own word?

Like most of us give themselves a word – I would be doing this, I am going to change my life, I am going to get disciplined. I am going to follow the regimen, I would be going to do this act of service. I would be doing this……………………….

Let me share a common perspective for all of us – about exercise. I would start doing the exercise from 1st of next month. I would spend quality time with my family this year. I would be leaving in time from office & spend 1 hour with my family. I would not bring the office work home, I would start learning new skills in my field, I would invest for 30 mins for my development, I would follow diet to get in shape, I would start helping my partner in the house chores & many more words you give it to yourself. No one ask you to do it? But you feel that’s necessary when you do some sort of introspection & you feel need for change.  It’s in the diverse fields from health, family, and peace of mind, anger, waking up early, quitting the vices & addictions, gaining new skills, knowledge & many more. Nobody asked you or forced you to do anything you said above, still you gave word to yourself?  But did you keep your word? I am sure 97% of the people aren’t, instead they are just revising the deadlines in their mind.

For a while I would use the keyword Self-word to discuss this perspective!

It’s well-known that when you keep your world with other people, you keep your respect intact! But what happens when you don’t? You lose integrity of your image, you lose respect & credit-ability of your performance & efforts. On the same ground when you do not maintain the self-Word, what happens? You either revise your target date or you lower down your goal or end up doing nothing at all! You feel it’s okay, I would do it next time, it’s not a big deal? But let me tell you that’s really the big deal! When you lose your self-word you lose your self-respect! You lose your inner credit-ability which is nothing but self-confidence. If you fail to maintain the inner word you fail to maintain the composure & faith in yourself! By not walking with your self-word, you lose the confidence that you are qualify to do something. If you keep on failing at your Self-word you may not be willing to try something which is something really very necessary for you! You have started planting the feeling of I am not good enough in your mind, I am a sort of failure in these things. The possibility of failure has become new belief for you, it can be emerging a false belief in you! The false belief of I am not good enough, I am slouch has started nurturing in you! See, it’s just a possibility but losing self-word time after time strengths your new failure belief system. Every time you break the promise that you give it to yourself no matter how big or small it is, you betray the inner person within you! You cheat your core I.e. your inner support system! You never get the long term motivation from outside, you mostly get it from inside by maintaining the small disciplines, by adding bit by bit confidence to your life every day. But by breaking the self-word you are shattering your internal support system.

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So, trust me the way you are curious about maintaining the word with outer world You got to be serious about your self-word! You got to be more cautious about maintaining your word with your inner self! Because that’s the place where you stay right now & you have to stay in the near future! Do not betray the inner person! You need his support. If you keep on betraying him may be he would stop showing up when you need the most. If you want to stay inspired & confident in your life you got to respect your word & follow the discipline to retain it!

Remember- Words have power. You are what you say to yourself & What you apply it to yourself! Always keep your Self-word! 

You Are What You Do, Not What You Say You’ll Do! @Anonymous.


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– Written by  Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved

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