Dreaming Is Just A Beginning!

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We all have enough wisdom to understand the importance of the dreams! We see around everyone preaching We should Dream, You must have a Dream, follow your dream, chase your Dream & not only that but We should dream Big! That’s great But What’s beyond that. I Was doing some reading & soul searching this point did strike me “I am dreaming big what if I fail”, what would i do after? & the series of questions popped in my head. The thought of failure paralyzed my brain, my positive thinking for a while.

Lets dig deeper – Its really wonderful that we are dreaming big but what’s next? dreaming is enough ? Nope, just dreaming is not enough. Sooner, you would be diagnosed as Daydreamer if you do not go beyond dreaming! Just dreaming lying in bed, imagining vivid picture, focusing on the fruits of the future is a good thing may be its first step of a great life but you got to take many steps beyond that in order to convert your dreams into reality!

The fact-   See, I completely sync with the view of inspiration. My hero APJ Abdul Kalam said “We should Dream Big” & many more people said so, But I did not find anyone saying ” Dream Big & Relax, It would get come true.” No one ever said that way. Why because Dreams do not realize while you are comfortable, they happen only whey you are willing to throw yourself into uncertainties & risks.

The way I see it, I see success as a Cycle. Dreaming is Just a Beginning, Your actions in the Middle & the Result is the conclusion. The Beginning & Conclusion doesn’t require much effort but the middle portion is something that tests you, the crux of the cycle i.e Actions demand the maximum energy out of you. You have to take massive action no matter you are ready or not, no matter you are qualified or not, no matter you want to or Not!

Seeing A lofty dream is just a first step but taking leap of faith is the act of ultimate importance! you must have a faith in yourself that you would Make It Happen. Beyond Dreaming, I would like to throw some light on critical steps after that, it involve –

  • Leaving The Comfort Zone!
  • Taking Risks! Financial, Emotional & Personal!
  • Moving forward despite of uncertainties!
  • Taking Massive Actions!
  • Persistent Efforts in direction of your Goal!
  • Never Give Up Attitude!

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This process is simple? Nope, Not at all. You may have countless nights without sleep & lot of uncertainties! There would be nights where you would not have dreams but dreadful nightmares. In the process you would fail quite often, Not once but many times. Nobody might be there to pick you up, support you but you need to support yourself. See, your Dream is a your responsibility! Its your baby. You have to protect it, you have to nurture it & You have to raise It. The responsibility of the dream is nontransferable! You cannot expect someone to help you along in your journey. If no one is helping you that’s good, you would be damn proud about the journey that you became someone by yourself. You would be proud about the person you have became in the process. Nobody is going to push you, you need to push yourself! Nobody is going to motivate you, You need to motivate yourself!

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Path Is Uncertain, Unsafe but its Worth Walking Upon!

The path of your Dream is full of uncertainties, Are you willing to walk on this difficult Road ? may be you could fail! You could fail miserably! Have you made your mind to confront the situations? to embrace the pain ?Have you ? Because Dreams come true for those who are daring to jump & willing to fail few times before they reach the summit!

If you take trips, Which trips do you remember as of now? The trips that planned well, were comfortable, relaxed or there was no hassle at all or The trip which were difficult, which did test your stamina, your strength, you patience & which had a rough weather! Ain’t it ?I do lot of trekking, I had witnessed some difficult trips but these trips taught me where I was lacking! I started working on my Legs, My Body, My Gears, My Techniques. Every challenging trek taught me something & I am proud that I am getting better, confident  after every summit. These trips are really memorable, which create a long lasting memories! They taught you something that you never imagined or might have never opted for it voluntarily. I failed quite often, I did struggle but I did not stop. Failure is nothing but the necessary lessons of life you have to learn for which you are not willing to opt & Co-operate in the process! Failure is The Syllabus that life force you study in order to get through the other end of Cycle.

Prepare yourself for The Thrill – 

You have to prepare yourself for Failing, you must to be willing to go through the process, Failure would be visiting you very very frequently, You may not like it but you can’t help it! Because if you do not go through failure you never learn something new & necessary. our worst failures give us the most important lessons in our life. You have to dare to fail. You need to experience the thrill before success. Failure is nothing but the thrill before success.

I would like to conclude with one of my favorite quote from Norman Vaughn!

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– Written by  Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved

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