13 Life Lessons from Matthew McConaughey!

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Last year in year Mar-2017, I heard a speech from the fabulous actor from Hollywood. But the fact is I did not opt for listening to it voluntarily but accidentally after lot of ignorance. I was searching on you-tube for some information & I came across his speech, It was a long 50 min speech. Since its such a long speech initially I jumped over it, stating what any Actor can give this long speech about! They are hypocrites, they are good actors they do not know about philosophy or way of life. They have all the money, they do not have to worry about day to day like like all of us face. But trust Me I was completely mistaken to this Guy He is Exceptional. I Kept on jumping from that speech time to time, every time that came across my suggestions, Its not until sometime later when I heard a few part of his speech was used in a 10 minutes motivation compilation, a video podcast! I have seen his many movies, I love his eccentric way , Unusual way of Acting & dialogue delivery. I could identify his voice & a nasty laughter. I identified his voice, I really liked the 3 minutes edit in that podcast, hence I decided to listen to that full speech. I turned it on in my Car & listened to it very patiently. But I did not understnad it fully. I did not understand much of it because my mind was wondering from here & there or may be I couldn’t connect to him or may be I was not receptive to his ideas. I tried to listen to his speech for about 5 times later in that month, I did understand few point but I never understood it fully.

Today, while I was going through archives I came across this speech & I decided to give it A Go again to find some undiscovered diamonds, piece of wisdom from his speech. Trust me such experimentation works And today after about 18 months later, I understood almost all ideas from his speech, what he really intended to say! Why?  because I am receptive & open to his ideas now. May be Today I was really listening to his Ideas from heart, unlike hearing from sake of It. I just loved the how simply delivered his life philosophy & success ideology, his development view in less than 50 minutes. I suggest all of you guys to listen to this unusual speech. He is not preaching but he sharing his real life perspective, the practical learning from his life & career.  You must wondering who is this Actor! He is none other than Matthew McConaughey, An exceptional Actor winning Academy award for his performance in Bio-pic Dallas Buyers Club!

The Oscar-winning actor delivered this speech as commencement address at the University of Houston for graduation ceremony in 2015, where he delivered one of the best message about life in coolest way.


Image result for life is not easy matthew mcconaughey

I am sharing the 13 Truth as titles of his discussion that he delivered during ceremony.

  1.  Life is Not Easy!
  2. “Unbelievable” is the stupidest word in the dictionary!
  3. Happiness is different than joy !
  4. Define success for yourself 
  5. Process of elimination is the first step to our identity!
  6. “Don’t leave crumbs” — and the beauty of delayed gratification!
  7. Dissect your successes!
  8. Make voluntary obligations!
  9. From “can” to “want”
  10. A roof is a man-made thing!
  11. Turn the page!
  12. Give your obstacles credit !
  13. How do we know when we cross the truth?


This speech is also known as The 13 Truths! Today, When I listened to it, I discovered the some best in class Ideas. I would love to share with you! I want you to read them .You must listen to his speech through his mouth, His words! Spare 50 mins, trust me it would be a good investment!


I want you to listen to this speech entirely again & discover some ideas that you might have missed. I got a new perspective about too many things, may be you can get something different viewpoint altogether. If you find it, share with me, I would love to listen from You!


Compiled by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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