” Abe, Be Somebody!”

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Today, I am going to share view that you may have never heard or read anywhere. I just heard a part of it, it touched me within, I really went too far within Me. I heard this about 2 years prior but I was not getting the additional info, I tried to find its exact source, so I can produce a detailed elaboration over it but I did not find it. I heard it from one of the speeches of Jim Rohn but the piece of wisdom is so worthy that I decided to share with you! If you have any info share with me & correct me if I am Wrong!

This is story about Abraham Lincoln & his Mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln. 

About – Nancy Hanks Lincoln (February 5, 1784 – October 5, 1818) was the mother of Abraham Lincoln who became 16th President of United States! She Married to Thomas Lincoln, together they had 3 children Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Lincoln, Thomas Jr. Nancy Hanks Lincoln gave birth to the Abraham Lincoln on February 12, 1809, She planted the virtues of honesty and compassion in her son along with the seeds of his intellectual curiosity from very young Age. If you read Biography of Abraham Lincoln you would come to know that beyond a great president, he was man known for his compassion. Nancy Lincoln was self educated, despite lacking the formal education she impressed the importance of learning & reading on Abraham Lincoln from very young Age!

But suddenly Nancy Lincoln died from milk sickness when Abraham was just nine years old, left the young Lincoln devastated! but while at her deathbed she said something to somebody which left a lasting Impression on the Mind of Abraham Lincoln.

At her deathbed she said- ” Abe, Be Somebody.”

If you absorb these 3 words from deeply , the words are of profound importance, have a a un-measurable gravity. She did not said Become Rich, Earn this degree, Be like this person, Be A statesman, Be a lawyer or Become the president of United States, not at all! She had meant to say Abe its your life, choose whatever it may Be but whatever it is, whoever you become, Be Someone Worthy! Whatever you choose but become Best of It & The Best of the Human Being. Abraham Lincoln engraved these words on his Mind till his abrupt death. He witnessed countless failures, setbacks in his life. He had faced Mental Breakdown as well for few years but that did not stop him to Be Somebody! He kept on fighting & fighting against the situations, swimming against the favorable  stream & situations, He kept on showing up despite of failures , after a while finally Failures stopped showing up. He started from nobody & did not stop until he Became somebody important, the 16th president of United States of America! He did not even stop there. He took some difficult issues in his hand to elevate America to be the best country on this Universe. His act of service to eradicate Slavery from United States is still remembered as golden pages in Evolution of USA.  Lincoln led the United States through the American Civil War, In his short of span of president tenure before his assassination he preserved the Union abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government and modernized the economy! He always stood for Right & worthy cause, He always lived his life for a cause bigger than his benefit & interests, He kept on working on bigger cause till his Assassination in year 1865.

So, Whats your Def. of Be Somebody ?

I need to say if you understand the lines said Above – We have to define success for ourselves. It can be different from Person to Person. What You Want To Be? & How? How long you are going to Travel? You can be Rich, Class One Executive, An Entrepreneur, highly paid Manager , CEO of An organization, An Assistant, A clerk or a Bureaucrat or highly influential Politician or highly designated person or you can be anyone! You can have good Money, Big House, A car, Good Family & all materialistic success you want! Its good to have it all. Even if you do not have it right now, you may be having desire for it, its a good to have desire or craving for something. I am not at all against it. Desire is okay but greed is bad, very bad. Do not make your Greed as your Need. That’s where we lose the balance form the ethical life. Its always good to look for something, to walk towards prosperity. Its good to seek life of Abundance but before that you have to Be Somebody! 

You have to stand for Something! You have to define your Philosophy! You have to define the way of your life. You have to stand for your Morals, Values & Principles. You must walk on the path of Virtue & discipline, humanity & Compassion in your life. Its not difficult, you can live a prosperous life & virtuous as well, there are many living legends like that. Some people say its impossible in this time but trust me its bit uneasy but definitely possible. You must find a way to serve humanity & leave The world better place than you found!

Trust Me, At the end of your life you would not be proud about the Money you earned, fancy Cars you drove, In mansion you lived or how Hi-Fi your life was ? Nope, Not at all but what you really achieved in life? What did you discover in life? what did you stand for? What is the standpoint of your existence? It would be about How many lives you touched ? how many people you served ? your genuine & selfless acts of service! Your Compassion, your philosophy of life towards people. How much difference di dyou crate in this world with your existence? These are things that Would definitely make a place in the hearts & memories of people around you & they would Say “He/she Was Somebody.” 

In Simple Words – You Have to Be Somebody That you would be Proud About from start to end!


If you loved it, Spread the Goodness, Share with People you love the Most!

-Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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