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Today’s Post is sharing from my Met Raunaq Raje who is wonderful human being & believe in working towards excellence. We share some healthy ideas, communicate very frequently during our Toastmasters Meeting, I am really fan of his ideas, Speeches & the way he delivers his ideas through speeches is fabulous. He is a wonderful speaker who always serves as source of inspiration to us. Today’s post is the milestone speech of his toastmasters journey, I really loved his point of view, hence I decided to share the idea with you guys on this medium.


Please Note- Article by Raunaq Raje & He deserves all appreciation for his views!

What is that one thing in college which was always your desire, that kept slipping away whenever you think you had almost won her over, was the sweetest thing you would dream every night and like any other didn’t give you much importance till the time she is yours?

Guys Stop Wondering,! it’s not a girl or a girlfriend I know what you guys are thinking about! Well it’s our college degree.

I remember the date vividly. It was 8th of August and touchdown Chennai! As the wheels of the aircraft touched the tarmac of the Chennai airport the joy in my heart knew no bounds. Finally the day had arrived. within few hours I was to receive the thing that I had worked tirelessly for the past year- My college degree.

Our whole batch had flown down to our college at the picturesque town of Mahabalipuram for our convocation. I had my whole life sorted out- Graduating with top honors from college, making it to the dean’s list, Job for the next 4 years – reach mid management, buy a car then house, getting married, having a kid. Getting breakthrough in life by 40 and then take a world tour after having never to worry about money again. Hell! You won’t believer but I even had a worksheet with cash flow quadrants and EMI paying schemes pinned to my wall in bedroom. Ain’t that funny? 12 hours later; I took the grand stage and stood with beaming pride with the rolled degree in my hand and my name being announced on the podium. I came back to a small apartment on a 4 floor of an old building where I and a bunch of my friends were staying till the ceremony got over. I discussed all my plans and everyone told how meticulously planned my life was. I really don’t know whether they were appreciating me or feeling jealous or pity about me! We decided to enjoy one last night in Mahabalipuram before we stepped into the corporate life. 9 of my friends got into the lift and were waiting for me to latch the door of the apartment before I could step into the elevator. I closed the door, ran quickly and stepped into the lift, banged the door shut and pressed the ground floor button.

The Eye-opening Incidence – 

Grr….Thak ..Thak…. I heard a noise and within seconds the lift cable broke and we were falling down. The lift was in complete control of gravity. It took all of 4 seconds for the lift to crash with a bang on the ground floor. 4 seconds when I saw the floors pass one by one in quick succession as the lift plummeted down. 4 seconds is all it took for me to see my life unfold in reverse in front of my eyes. On each floor I saw a stage of my life, my unfulfilled wishes of travelling the world, of not reading my favorite book, of not spending enough time with my family, of not going on that last run with my dog, of not telling the girl next door how much I loved her.

4 Seconds of Realization- 

Image result for 4 seconds

4 seconds is all it took for me to realize life is not a chess game in which you plot your next move but an ice-cream which is savored with each bite. Luckily no one got hurt in that crash except for minor injuries and bruised egos we came out of the lift unscathed. Maybe that was life’s way of telling me to pay more attention to my sister’s favorite acronym YOLO!

YOLO or You Only Live Once is a word which has been aptly coined by the last of millennial, a word I had used many times loosely, funnily never really having deciphered the true meaning. YOLO is not just a word but universe’s most important warning to mankind.


Happiness is not a journey and not a destination it is in-fact a way of life; Unfortunately I for most part of my life till then had always wanted to reach to that special place not realizing it was travelling with me all along. Ever wondered why present is called ‘present’? Those 4 seconds in that lift taught me that life is not to be taken granted but a gift that has to be enjoyed with each passing second.

I still remember a scene out of my favorite movie – Munnabhai MBBS where Munna played by Sanjay Dutt sends a dancer to a cancer patient’s room only to fulfill one of his desires of going to a cabaret. It one of the most heart-warming scenes in the movie where she says his ‘Learn to live life to the fullest before you die

One of the shows that I grew up watching was a show called the Friends’ it had six funny characters different then each other’s and their life in New York City. One of my favorite characters in the show was a character named Phoebe. She was neither the richest, nor the smartest, nor was she the prettiest but what she was the most satisfied character. That’s because she loved herself and always did what she wanted on her own terms and hence my inspiration.

Recently during one of my travels I met a middle aged couple. They were around their late 60s and were from Germany. I got into a conversation with them and soon ended up becoming their travel companion. The man had left his corporate job long time ago to become a tour guide for a travel company and he would always explore hidden gems on his group trips and would then take his wife along with him to those hidden gems. He had learned guitar at 40, scuba dived at 50 and tap dancing at 55. He said they lived every moment as their last and travel is their religion. I was absolutely inspired by their story and was zapped at how people kept their passion alive even at that age.

I have often wondered what is that hold people back. I have realized its two things – self-doubt and past fear. ‘I will do this when I grow up’, ‘I will do this when I have more money’ and well my favorite- ‘What will they think?” Well for all such folks there are only two golden rules-

Image result for 2 rules

Rule 1: don’t care about them! Screw them !

Rule 2: Don’t forget Rule 1!

The amount of money I have and the world trips that I will do at forty will not define happiness, but how I got there will make all the difference.  Today in the last 2 years I have done 2 US trips, 1 Euro trip and 1 trip to south east Asia coz I want to cash in my happiness, No!

There is never a right time. It is only you who can make the time right to create memories. Friends there are no better time than now to do what you have wanted to do. So-

Go Say sorry to that one friend you haven’t been talking to!

Go to that salsa dance class you always wanted to go!

Go on that trip with your Friend/Girl/wife you always wish to take!

Tell your Mom, Dad how much you love them!

Friends, Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love Truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never ever regret anything that makes you smile! (I really loved this one.)

So Before I conclude Let me Ask You a Question – “Are you someone who observes life while its passing by, or someone who participates while its happening?

I suggest You to become participant of life rather just an observer!


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Note – Article shared by Raunaq Raje. Edited by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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