Wanna Accede In Life?

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I ask you a A question Do you want to Accede in life? Do you really want to or saying just for sake of It! Let me ask you another question then-

Have you Ever thought about being Uncomfortable? Deliberately! On your Own!

You must be wondering about the connection of these 2 questions! the only intent is to make you uncomfortable! That’s the whole motive of this post! To make you uncomfortable!

Why uncomfortable? Because success doesn’t happen in comfort zone! Success is always uncomfortable before! Its fruits are sweet but the process is sour & very uncomfortable!

Image result for man relaxing on couch
Comfort is dangerous for Success!

We all talk about comfort zone!We all talk about leaving it, we say we should leave our comfort zone! but can anyone share me how to do so ? Do you have any clue how to leave comfort zone ?What is the exact way ? What is the Easy way? What is the simplest possible way? I have found the answer! I would be sharing that through the quote of the day!

First of all let me get straight to the point! Leaving comfort zone is not easy. Too many people are not aware that they are in comfort zone. Too many people are living in a comfort zone still they do not accept the fact, in their view they feel they are struggling & trying hard to accomplish something But in reality they are not. Too many people go to bed at 11.00 am & wake up 7.30 pm , come home around 6.00pm & spend 2 hours lying in their couch pressing the remote buttons (stating they are tired) & still they never accept that they are comfortable, they feel they are having lot of struggle in their life & they do not have time for themselves. isn’t that funny?But that’s reality you have to accept it! Some people may have some different view about this! let me simplify it, how to identify the comfort zone!

Comfort zone is a glitter that is fascinating & alluring. we all know its not easy to ignore the glitter! Sometime we get mistaken by thinking glitter as opportunity. Opportunities are not necessarily to be comfortable or like a cake-walk. You cannot ignore the glitter but you can learn how to identify it over a period of time with some experience. So, The fact is getting out of comfort zone is not easy! Its definitely a challenging task. You have to accept it before you move forward! You may have to make some tougher calls,bitter choices before you can get out of it! If you want to be successful you have to convince your mind that its going to uncomfortable, Not for one day but may be for every day till the end of your life or by the time you wish to remain successful.

See you got to be comfortable by being uncomfortable! You got to be wiling to be uncomfortable every day! Its not by chance but by deliberate choice, whether you want it or not! You can’t afford to be Comfortable. You have to get uncomfortable. Uncomfortable means not just some situations like Lack of money, discomfort or not having luxury. Its way beyond that. It involves pressure, fear of uncertainty, fear of failure, anxiety, heartbreaks, Pain & facing lot of scenarios. despite of everything you have to hold on for a day longer!

You got to make some choices that would stir you! Some choices That would shake you & irritate you! Like Waking up in the morning early at 5.00 Am everyday is one of the difficult things to accomplish. Your mind would give you 1000 excuses when that alarm goes on, You must have slept late the night before,  you are not feeling to wake up, you are sick, you are feeling uneasy, scared , you had bad day at office or it can be anything. still you got to be uncomfortable & wake up! jump of the bed, get into the running mode. Move your body & get into action. This is not a one day task. You have to do this every day. No matter how good or bad the previous day it was, you have to start over every single day no matter what! This is the best way to get out of comfort zone,this your first decision in the morning! for me following my set of rituals (8 precisely) is the bit of challenging task. I feel bit uncomfortable to follow them everyday but I love them. If I do not follow any of them or i couldn’t meet the schedule I feel uneasy or some of undisciplined.

The golden Rule to leave your comfort zone is to do one thing that irritates you, discomfort you but which is absolutely necessary. The basic can be waking up early & doing exercise for mins everyday. But do not restrict yourself to that, keep on increasing the list of activities that irritate you, scare you.

Image result for do one thing everyday that scares you

I feel we have to do something which is not our regular activities. like it can be-

  1. Helping someone stranger without any expectation!
  2. Initiating a conversation with a stranger!
  3. Taking a tough call!
  4. Stating some tough facts to someone without procrastination!
  5. Following The rituals with all self discipline!

For me initiating a conversation with someone is bit uncomfortable task, still I do take some steps & get over that feeling!

Trust Me if we wish to grow & accede in this lifetime you got to get uncomfortable on your own, you have to do one thing that scares you or irritates you not one day but everyday. Let compound effect create its magic over a period of while.

Its been said “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.” Why don’t you give it a Try ? The only way to accede & have the gigantic success in life is you have to get comfortable by being Uncomfortable!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.



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