Make Mistakes?

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Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner! This blog is not just about Me, You but its about We! If you are sync with my philosophy, I request all of you to share the log with your friends & family if you want to help someone & create the difference in lives of people around you!

Misteaks are Proof that you are Trying! @ Anonymous.

Today’s viewpoint is about making Mistakes! by the way I have deliberately misspelled the word mistake in the quote above!

We are all trained & tuned that we should not make mistakes. In fact we are tortured from our school, parents, peers, relatives & society that We should not make any mistakes. We are suggested to stay cautious, to do some analysis, to play it safe, Think twice, thrice before doing something. To do something safe, do not appear fool in-front of people. Ain’t that True? I have heard such advice throughout my life, I am sure you must have heard too. But Thank god, I never followed it very seriously.

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Why we are washed heavily about the word Mistake. but is that dangerous that we are warned & advised to trade safe throughout our life!  In my view Mistake is not the dreadful word but the word Regret is! But we are never warned about the word Regret! In my view mistakes are always better than the Regret. Because if you try something you would make mistake but if you try to avoid mistake you would end up having regret. Which is better Mistake with some temporary setbacks or the Regret is which is painful experience, the experience from which you may not recover.

I would always prefer to make mistakes than ending up as the Man of Regrets! 

The one who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely to make anything! @Paul Arden.

Mistakes are Bad? Are they ?In my view nope! Not at all, they might look or sound unattractive but they are always helpful in long term & wonderful in designing your Future. Mistakes are wonderful friends dressed in ugly attire! Why? You must be wondering this guy has lost is mind! May be but trust Me.In path of your dreams mistakes are needed. Mistakes are good because they are putting you in action mode, they are propelling you in some direction, they are taking you forward. All you need is do correct your course of action, the direction!

We are trained to have some analysis & what we do is we over do it. The over analysis leads to paralysis! Which means all thinking No action. Its like a guy who waited, bough everything, read all books, study all videos, He did all study and preparation for 2 years before going to gym, Ain’t that non-sense. See in life you cannot avoid mistakes!

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She Is Trying To Be Better!

See, if you overthink & keep on avoiding the mistakes, the only possibility is that you would end up at home doing nothing. You can minimize them with your experience, some study & wisdom but you cannot avoid them completely. When you jump in battle field you would make some mistakes.

Mistakes are part of life, they are the part of  bigger picture & the glorious end. They are the chapters of your life, they are the learning signposts. They are your true teachers.

I my life I did some good analysis about my decisions, still I made Mistakes in all endeavors of my life. Not few but I made many mistakes but I do not feel pity about it because I learned a lot in the process, A learning that was much necessary to grow. I consider my mistakes as growth chapters of my book. They gave me the much needed push & hits that were necessary to propel me on right track.

Mistakes to be treated as special chapters, they imply that you are trying to be better person than who you are! If you are making mistakes it shows you are trying something bigger & better, You are trying to be better than who you are right now. If  you are not making any mistakes which shows you are playing very small, which is big mistake in long run.

My philosophy is – JI-MM-FF-MA! 

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Guys Trust me Jump in, Make Mistakes, they are far less painful than Regret!


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Shared & Edited by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All rights reserved.

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