How To Stay Enthusiastic?

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In my view Enthusiasm is one the key ingredient if you want to be successful in life. Emerson said- Nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm! So, I appeal to you before becoming successful you must be Enthusiastic. So, today’s blog is about How to be Enthusiastic!

Too many people Ask me that -You are always bouncing, Jumping here & there ! How to be Fit, Energetic & Enthusiastic like You? (By the ways its not flattery but they do!) How do you do it? I reply there is no rocket science? I exercise a daily, I exercise rigorously. I do running, I do cycling, I play cricket, I do weights. They ask me How do you get so much time ? I answer them its all about time management & prioritizing the tasks. some people accept the fact & go beyond & inquire but How to you stay motivated to do the Exercise daily! See, Its the matter of discipline. Not by the external force but trough the inner person, Its the self discipline. But I would like to reveal a fact that beyond motivation & self discipline its an ideology & Philosophy.

See The only way to be excited, enthusiastic & Energetic is through the physical fitness i.e. trough the Exercise, physical regimen. because that’s the only way you can be enthusiastic if someone is saying that you can be enthusiastic by some other means it means they are either fooling you or sharing some patch-work solutions. See, you can be permanently enthusiastic only through inside (or for long while), only by fitness of your body & Mind. The external source of enthusiasm like some tablets, Energy drinks , friends videos, music or drugs are temporary & I suggest you should not rely on it. because as soon you lose contact with them your enthusiasm disappear & you become lethargic. I am sharing some ideas that can help you stay motivated to exercise. To stay Fit, Healthy & Enthusiastic in your life. Lets Begin.

The 12 Ideas – 

  1. Carve on your mind – Exercise is Important! You should understand the importance of exercise. Healthy Body breeds to Healthy Mind, which leads to Healthy choices, healthy decisions which leads to Healthy life. In Short – Strong Body creates Strong Mindset which leads to a Brighter Life.
  2. See Exercise as priority! The way Eating is necessary for survival, Exercise is necessary for Healthy survival! You have to live approx 70-75 years but Who knows if you got to stay here longer than expected, so you got stay fit & in decent moving condition.
  3. Choose Appropriate Exercise Type for your body. Do appropriate exercise as per your age & body structure. for eg. If you are overweight right now do not jump directly into running. consult the physician before you choose the exercise.
  4. Do not get into competition while Exercising. You should not compete unnecessarily. Never compete your beginning with someone mid or end. Its not necessary to compete with someone proficient at beginning (may be with the person with whom you are comparing/trying to compete has invested his 3 years to be in that level, So at your start its not fair, do not fall into the trap unnecessarily. nothing can beat experience & efforts) – like if he is doing is long distance running, I want to do running, if he can do boxing I would do the boxing, see such comparison, competition motivation do not last longer than month. I have seen Some people are in love of glamour of marathons. but trust me it can be overwhelming if you are not putting the right preparations of months before the D-day.
  5. Exercise is Not A liability! – You have to make a mindset that exercise is a priority, not a liability. See, Your Total eating time in day is approx 100 mins (20 min breakfast + 30 mins lunch + 20 mins snack + 30 mins dinner). just think if you can spend 100 minutes for eating , why can’t you create 30-40 mins for fitness? Ain’t that important? So you have to create 45 mins any how for a Exercise every single day.
  6. Make Exercise Automatic- you can make it as first thing in the morning. There should be least resistance to go along. If you schedule it at the beginning of the day, it is most likely to happen. but if you keep it in later half, in evening or night there is less possibility that you would be doing it regularly.
  7. If possible Hire a Fitness Trainer – See, personal trainer is not expense its an healthy & much needed investment. Initially I thought I can’t afford it, but later I did some work on budget. I did cut down my unnecessary expenses such as unnecessary outings, treats, extravagant purchases, So I manged to save about 3000- 4000 rs every month & I hired a Trainer. The results I got are staggering. Hiring a Trainer results in many advantages – Not only you follow appropriate diet & proper form/posture during workout but there are many benefits beyond that- You get accountable to someone i.e. to Trainer & You start hitting the gym floor more regularly.
  8. Try to have combination of workouts to avoid boredom & to have flexibility as per your schedule. Like I do Weights every day but in any week I am not feeling that enthusiastic I do a combination of workouts in that week. I call it as C.W.W (Combination Workout Week) in that case I do weights for 3 days, I do running for 2 days & cycling for 2 days.( I do not like to have break on Sunday)
  9. Take an outdoor exercise – If you are in good shape & not in favor or in love of weights you can opt for outdoor exercises. you can do cycling, Running, Skipping, swimming, cross fit training like boxing, Kick-boxing, Zumba, Aerobics etc. When I was not feeling good or feeling weak for a while, I took a break form Gym & I did cycling for 6 months. I did running for 3 months. but I recommend that It has to be rigorous one. like it should be around 20-25 km of cycling & 5 km of running/jogging. (Still I suggest to have combination workouts in order to avoid excessive weight loss which leads to muscle loss.)
  10. Make a commitment not to skip the workout in any case. I haven’t taken a break in last 2 years. For some reasons, If I cant do exercise for 1 Hour, still I manage to do any of the combination workout for about 35-40 mins at my locality.
  11. A backup workout –  I suggest you to rigorously follow the exercise regimen but in case if you couldn’t do workout I have a back-up plan for you. Its a floor exercise. In case if I couldn’t spend 35-40 minutes I do some extensive stretching, 8 types of Hand-leg shoulder movements, 25 sit ups & 50-75 push-ups as workout. It takes hardly 12-15 mins. Its my patch-up workout, which is better than no workout. like in my case this happens to be 4-5 times a month. but rest 25 days I do rigorous workout (including Sundays)
  12.  You can even think of Yoga as good option for stretching workout & improve your breathing & flexibility. by the way I am not following any Yoga practices but my Parents do follow them as they are not in favor of weights & my mother cannot do the weights citing health issues.
  13. Have a Healthy Diet- This is the most important of all 13 ideas. I have learned in experience of 10 years- Diet is everything! In order to have good results, you have to follow the diet. The diet play 60-70 % role in your body. You must be very careful about what you are putting in your body. If you are sweating hard on floor & not putting right ingredient in body then you are going reverse. For example- Pizza tastes Yummy, for people its always a better option than Apple or Papaya but its unhealthy in long run. Pizza/Burger Makes you feel heavy, it makes you dull, lethargic & breed laziness. On the other hand Apple gives you instant freshness & energy. It keeps you stomach light & you are ready to move.

I suggest let it be anything you lose, but not your enthusiasm towards life & its only possible through the Healthy body & healthy Mind. Your body is the temple for your soul, your brain & Your Mind. Do not put the garbage inside, don’t let it be shabby, out of order. Its your duty to keep it Clean, Neat & Tidy. Respect your body temple more than anything!


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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