Stop Accepting The Hatred!

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Today, I am sharing a story from ancient period about Gautum Buddha & his explicit view about complete exclusion of Rage & Anger from our mind in order to live life of Peace.

A True Story –

“Gautuma Buddha and The Angry Man”

Gautuma Buddha was sitting under a Tree. One day, a furious man came to him and started abusing him with all bad words & unacceptable language.

The Man thought that Gautuma Buddha would get angry & abuse him or curse him in the same manner, but to his utter surprise, Gautam buddha did not even respond by inch. there was not the slightest change in the expression on his face.

Now, the Man became more furious. He hurled more and more abuses at Buddha. However, Gautuma Buddha was still in his composure, completely unmoved by the anger by the anger of that person. Buddha was behaving like nothing is happening to him but people around him were amazed how Gautuma can accept all such nonsense from someone unknown, they thought its Impossible but they did not act or say a word against him, they knew there must something behind the Buddha’s Stance. Ultimately the Man was tired of abusing him. He asked,” I have been abusing you like anything, but why are you not angry at all ? ”

Gautuma Buddha calmly replied, ” My dear brother, I have not accepted a single abuse, word of insult from you. ”

” But you heard all these bad words & abuse, didn’t you? ” The Man argued,Buddha said, ” I do not need the insult or the abuses, so why should I even hear them? No I did not listen to them.”

Now the Man got even more puzzled. He could not understand the calm reply from Gautuma Buddha. Because this is not something he was expecting from the whole scene & from buddha after all this. Looking at his disturbed face, Buddha further explained, ” All those abuses remain with you. ”

How can it Be? I abused all words to you. ” It cannot be possible. I have hurled all of them at you.” the Man exclaimed.

Buddha calmly said, ” But I have not accepted even a single abuse from you!

Man got bit frustrated & asked “How it Possible?”

Dear brother, I ask you suppose you bring a gift to give it someone and if he does not accept the gift, what happens to the gift? with whom it remains?

The Man replied, ” If I have given the gift to someone & if he Does not accept it, then it would remain with me because I brought the gift for Him”

With a meaningful smile on his face, Buddha said, ” Now you are right! The same has happened with your abuses. You came here and threw all those bad words & abuses at me, but I have not accepted a single abuse from you. Hence, all those abuses remain with you only. So there is no reason to be angry with you. Infact I feel pity about You.”

The Man got speechless. He was ashamed of his behavior and begged for Buddha’s forgiveness!

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My view The whole story is self explanatory. Ins’t It? Life is tremendously simple. What you give is gonna come back, even if you want it or not? The love or the Hatred. You got to decide what you want to give & what you want to accept from the people, situations & from the universe around you. The world is full of unethical, selfish & evil minded people. In order to maintain  the temperament & composure you should stop breathing which is Unhealthy & in-appropriate. No matter how good you are, How great work you are doing. No matter whatever you do, wherever you are! People would Hate you, Insult you, Criticize You & Belittle you. Abuse, Insult, Hatred would be there all the time. You got to accept the fact. These are all bad emotions which consume your energy & make you Sick & tired.It sucks all your energy within & empty you from inside. Its up to you whether you want to inhale it & get suffocated or exhale it and breath some healthy air? Sometimes you would be surprised that you don’t even know some people still they hate you. But you must remain unmoved. Do not be answerable to someone who is not worthy & has no great relevance in your Life. Ignore them, reject them, Avoid them & if required completely delete them from your life by the principle of complete isolation. You should stop accepting the hatred in order to maintain the peace of Mind.

Inner calmness and peace are keys to contented life! Do not Try to defend the Hatred! Do not try to convince people who are not in alignment with your Moral values & philosophy.


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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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