The Migration To The Extraordinary!

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“I think it’s Possible for Ordinary People to be Extraordinary.”                                       – @ Elon Musk. CEO of multi-billion organizations & Self-Made Billionaire.

Today we would discuss the Word that everyone is fascinated about. One of the special words from the universe that fascinates the People the most!

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What About Being Extraordinary?

We all must have came across the word Extraordinary! We all wish to be Extraordinary! Why not to be? Of course we should! We are all surrounded by extraordinary people in this universe. We see Elon Musk is extraordinary, we hear Roger Federer is extraordinary, we say Michel Phelps is extraordinary, we say Virat Kohli is extraordinary! But do we really understand what do we have to really say or imply by referring them extraordinary! Too many people refer term the extraordinary with an equivalence of some gift, fortune or part of luck. Isn’t it? I heard too many times” That guy is gifted, Man! He is An Extraordinary.” You must have heard such statements. In my view, they are insulting the efforts of that Person. They are overlooking the genuine efforts, numerous sleepless nights, the heartbreak, the pain, the patience, the hard work, the persistence, the sacrifices the person has made in order to achieve the current state to which we refer as Extraordinary!

Being extraordinary is not a Gift or state of individual but it’s an Evolution of Human being, it’s an outcome of the Process. I refer as the process of being extraordinary! We all wish to be extraordinary but how many of us want to be extraordinary! I mean Really! Really extraordinary!

So, let’s do an activity. Make a list of your actions & look at them, still you feel they are great & deserve appreciation, then show it to someone whom you feel or refer as Extraordinary, you can seek some feedback. May be you would come to know to know that may be its not enough, You can do much better, you can definitely go to the next level. You can stretch yourself. You can be doing good but you can be great if you correct yourself & there is still scope for correction. There is scope for excellence.

The unheard Journey of Extraordinary Swimmer!

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The Extra-Ordinary! 

Have you looked at the life of legends to whom we refer The extraordinary! Let’s refer to our favorite Michel Phelps. The guy won 28 medals including 23 gold medals, in just 4 Olympics. Few countries including our country haven’t won so many medals (in total) in the history of Olympics since inception as compared to his tally in last 4 Olympics. This guy is has taken unbelievable efforts! I salute to this Guy! Have you seen his life closely? Have you really seen what he did? Heard or read somewhere? I am sure most of us haven’t! Let me share shortly with you. The Guy was doing 12 hours exercise for 3 years, he did not take a day off. He did not take Christmas, thanksgiving holiday, or a sick leave or a day off for any reason. He did swimming practice for 6 hours & 2 other rigorous regimen for next 6 hours. By the way He did not take Sunday off as well. In his view this is the thing that really helped him to stay ahead than his competitors. He was 52 days a year ahead of them for 4 years, He said He was 52*4*12 hours (approx. 2500+ hours) better than his competitors. On asked why? He said I was competing against the best. It (the 2500+ hours) was necessary to beat the participants where competition is of milliseconds. So, what do you have to say now? The Guy did not take even a Sunday break between 2 Olympics. What a level of sacrifice & commitment towards the vision? Are you willing to give that? This is what it takes to be Extraordinary! The Focus, The Efforts, The Persistence!


The Transformation – What it takes to be Extraordinary? The Big How?

See, if you refer to both words Ordinary & Extraordinary, you would find something common in between, what’s that? The Word Ordinary!

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Extraordinary = Extra + Ordinary.  Extraordinary is an Extension of Ordinary!

They both (all People) begin with the state of Ordinary! But few prefer to stay Ordinary by doing nothing & the very very few decide to do something extra in order, to put something extra in their life to be Extraordinary! So, its Extra Efforts added to ordinary person every day for a long period of time in his life of makes Him Extraordinary!

The list of Extra is a different List. It’s the list of values & Belief system. The list of Extra is the list of Morals not the Resources. The list of Extra includes the discipline, right attitude, the desire to do some-thing different, the will to Act, the successful Habits, the hard-work, the efforts, the persistence and the sacrifice. The Extra is the Winning Edge! The Extra is what it takes to be a Winner!

You can be Extra-Ordinary if you really want to Be! Are you willing to put the ingredient from the list of Extra into your life? Not someday or One day! Do not wait for right Time, Right Time is always Right Now. With little extra every day, every night no one can stop you from being Extraordinary! See you do not become extraordinary over the period of days or month, you become extraordinary with every passing moment by your little Extra approach. The only difference is the end result in the outer world is displayed after a while.

The Little Extra is the Attitude of Excellence. The Little Extra is the Winning Edge. The Extraordinary Person is just a somebody who is putting Little Extra in his life over every passing moment for the entire course of his life!

Make A Resolve To Be Extraordinary! Believe in Yourself! You Are Extraordinary!

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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