Why I Read? & How I Read?

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Welcome back to my blog 1Beginner! I am back with an interesting post once again.

 “Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” @Plato!

Too many people around me feel me I am a fanatic Reader. They ask me why you read? They feel amazed – Why I read this much & How I read this much! I wish to share my view through this post!

Today, I am sharing a viewpoint about Reading! Specially how the habit of reading changed my life complete.

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Why ? & How I Became One?

My Story – From Ignorant to Voracious Reader!

See, You Got to Read! I suggest you Got to Read, Read, Read & Read! The extensive use of word Read is to emphasize the importance. See you got to be reading in your life! Why I am putting an emphasis on reading because the habit of reading changed my life!

Why & How? See the funny part is I was not at all a fan of reading. I loved to study but I always struggled to by-heart the things. I was the extensive fast reader & least remembered what I read! Isn’t that strange but that’s true! Why? I was ADD, ADHD & Extremely hyperactive in my teen days. I did read! I used to read loudly. Sometimes I didn’t remember what I read or did I even read the previous pages? I used to ask my mother did you listen that I read those previous pages, she used to say Yes! It was a problem, but I didn’t know it, they never made me realize it. I escaped from it until my graduation. I struggled a lot when changed my language from vernacular to English, I did struggle a lot to remember the things, so I did invent a technique to remember what I studied. My struggle went on & on in the 4 years of my engineering. Finally when I completed my 4 years of degree I decided that I would never ever touch the book again until its damn necessary.

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A Misconception – In addition to this I had a misconception that kept me away from books for long while. I used to think the reading infiltrates our thinking, our sole views. I used to say – You lose your independent thinking & character, genuine ideas & you start talking, thinking as per the writer whose book you refer. Too many people suggested me to read the books but I kept on giving this reason (Which was a nonsense excuse) to defend my ignorance of reading. I was freaking ignorant. It continued until I met my mentor. I understood the importance of reading through my mentor Jim Rohn.

Then, I decided to leave all excuses behind & focus on reading. Initially my brain & mind was tremendous resistive in the process. They were out of sync, out of harmony & immersed in chaos. I took my first book. Due to lack of focus & practice my mind wondered all the time. I used to feel sleepy & inattentive for first few days. It took me about 30+ days to finish my first book. It was Think & Grow Rich! Still, I completed it, then I took Robin Sharma, then dale Carnegie, then another! It’s On & On. It’s been 4 years now, I have read over 150+ books. Listened over 1000 podcasts till today, still I have no intention to stop, I feel I have just begun. I am on this unending challenge in the quest of knowledge & wisdom.

Reading literally changed my life – It helped me in too many ways. It can help you in different way altogether. So I would share the 2 views.

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The Big Why? 

Why I Read?

I started reading in my life when I was too much distracted & feeling unworthy about my life & I discovered too many advantages from reading in my life.

  • I got to know By Reading I can alter my life drastically!
  • I understood – You just need one idea to change your life, in my view one idea, one statement from a book can change course of your life! It did mine! So I started buying books like crazy.
  • Books eradicated my negative view towards My-self & My Life.
  • Books gave me lot of help to resolve my personal issues, internal conflicts, they helped me a lot by exposing myself to truth & showing my mistakes.
  • My Behavior, Attitude towards Family, Colleagues, New people changed completely when I started absorbing the Books.
  • Books are my good associates, the friends who help me to elevate my life!
  • I do have only few friends in my life, actually I avoid the unnecessary Rush, Chaos from life. I find comfortable in company of my Books.
  • It helps me to calm down & relief from all unnecessary worries, pressures. (That we all carry on our shoulders for no reason.)
  • Reading evolved my Brain when I started associating with heroic figures.
  • I started improving day by day, book by book. I am almost different person today as compared to who I was 4 Years prior.
  • Books gave me new hope to live, a reason to jump out of bed & a goal to reach, A milestone to Achieve!
  • I experienced that few ideas which I was somehow applying in my life are of so profound importance & someone has already tested, applied those in their life & found notable results out it, so they have mentioned in their books. I started polishing my ideas & applying them more effectively.
  • Books made Me believe in My own worth, My own capability, in My Philosophy.
  • I got confident about My views, My thoughts, My ideas which I started sharing under New view Philosophy.
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I read anywhere, From Garden to Hospital.

How I Read?

  • I have made a resolution To Read No Matter What!
  • I read about 50-60 pages every day. I read No Matter What! So more than compulsion or self-discipline, Its sort of love or obsession, I have developed an hunger to read & gain the wisdom.
  • I read for about 60-90 minutes every day. 365 days a year. (Not a day goes by without Reading)
  • Sometimes If I get a leave or day off, I finish a book within a day. (than wasting my time sitting in-front of TV or gossiping unnecessarily)
  • I read book in early morning as I do not find any disturbance or distraction, I can absorb more out of it.
  • I carry book everywhere I go! From office, to native, anywhere (Even When I go to clinic or to marriage) I find a place or corner. I do not leave any opportunity to read even 2-3 pages in the smallest possible time.
  • I read in between the small time gaps or small breaks than participating in Gossips or wasting time checking the social media notifications.
  • If I have to wait for someone or somewhere for my turn, I start reading a book. Instead of wasting 10-15 mins looking here & there, unnecessarily roaming or thinking random or gossiping about people, I prefer to read at least 2-3 pages to focus my mind!




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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.


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