Never Say The E.S.S.!

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Hi, Today’s viewpoint is – “Watch Your words!” Never Say something which is not in alignment with your Dreams! Never say what You don’t Want To Be!

We live in a modern era , the corporate era. We use a polite language, a language of appreciation. We praise others, we say kind words about others. We are very cautious about our words. The words that we use to introduce someone, the words we refer while calling someone, the words that we stress upon while making our point. We have become master in using the appropriate words & language in society. Ain’t That true?

What is E.S.S.? 

But let me ask – What about your your Self-Talk? What about the words that you use to about yourself. Do you praise yourself? Do you Encourage yourself? Do you motivate yourself with your inner talk or curse yourself. I am not smart, I am not scholar, I am very poor in communicating with people, My personality is not good, I would never have a good physique, I would never have my business,  I am not good in Presentations, I have a poor memory, I am a terrible writer, I am an average person, I am a mediocre human being, I would never have a house I wished, My life is in mess. These are all Energy Sucker Statements! Haven’t you say some of these? I am sure most of you must have said some of these derogatory statements or may be saying something similar to that on a different note or context. Some of us have become so accustomed to it that you say it very comfortably, its Like they feel proud about humiliating themselves! I wonder how it can be? Its not fun, I am talking about when people admit it & say it very often. They prefer to give up and use such aimless, hopeless language than working on something which is not going right! I Would never  be a good speaker, I am not made for that. They say it so comfortably like they are branding themselves, I don’t know why don’t they understand what they are doing? They must record themselves & see to it how disgusting it is. They cannot accept if someone insult them or someone say a bad word about them but they are abusing, disrespecting & stabbing themselves every day over & over again. They are insulting themselves so frequently like they are getting paid for it.

Why you are using such words/E.S.S. about yourself ? Do you get rewarded for that? Of course not but they (in-fact you) are penalizing your soul. You are draining your batteries, weakening your mental muscle. Such words, comments are De-energizing. They do not help you even by 1 %. These words are the energy suckers. they suck all your potential & energy to perform well. They restrict you in the mediocrity!

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Enough Is Enough! I want you to say these 3 words to yourself when you feel like saying such useless comments / Energy sucker Statements to yourself. I suggest you to watch your self talk! Watch your words very cautiously! sometime record your talk with someone , rewind it & see it. see how it feels. The inner talk defines your personality & crafts your outer world. You must be cautious about what are You saying about Yourself. Never say anything about yourself that is not in sync with your dreams! If  you aspire to be Great writer & you are struggling right now, its okay but don’t say I am not creative, I lack the words. God knows I will ever become a good writer, I don’t know whether I can be a good writer! Most of the time in our life we come across a situation where we have to defend our-self. In that case – In a group or during any discussion, If you feel like saying something like this, pinch yourself Or put a finger on your lips. stay calm for a while, let the thought get diluted or disappear into chaos & then jump the conversation again. But Never say anything depressing or derogatory about yourself at any cost.

To conclude – I would like to share a quote from one of my favorite philosophers Mr. Brian Tracy.

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Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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