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Hello Friends,

Good evening. Hope you are doing Great!

This post is a Request Note to all my readers. Its been about 4 months now, We would be reaching 200 posts in the near times.

Why Did I Start ?

I was always believer of Great thoughts (still I am & I will be), I am Hardcore lover, follower of great Ideas. I am a finder of New view points. I am absorber of heroic acts & Noble views, I salute, support, volunteer to Genuine act of service. Every time I see something Good or Great is happening around Me, I always ask a question How can I apply this to my life? I believe that before you can have anything in your life (i.e. it can be Dream, Career, Ambition, Goals, Relations or anything worthy) You must have a genuine Philosophy, because in my view our Philosophy is the foundation of our life on which our whole existence rely upon.

So, I started this blog to express My ideas, to Share my Genuine Philosophy with world. I apply what I see, learn & I say, refer, recommend what I have learned & applied to my life. I write, I publish only the thing which I have pushed in my life or already part of my life. I write only the things I am confident upon. This is not a copy paste work this is my piece of Art. In fact I am thankful to my friends Padmajit, Santosh who not only encouraged but they pushed me to start this blog. I was writing my book series so I was bit uncertain whether I would be able to devote the time but they still encouraged & forced me to start this Blog. Another reason is while having conversation I used to say too many things that touched few of my friends, they really loved the Expressions & gravity behind the words, so they asked me to pen down my Philosophy & my explicit views so they can refer to it whenever its possible to them.

Beyond That , I took it as a challenge & part of discipline to write 2 pages/500+ words & publish a post daily.  So, I can connect with my friends, readers very frequently & I can improve my writing, My Grammar, learn new ways to express my views, New words & establish connection with other wonderful writers through this medium. I think I am going good in terms of discipline & improvement, Guys all thanks to you.

Thank you All your Love, for the support, The encouraging words & heartfelt response offered by you! Your response gives me encouragement to post something New.

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I request you – If you really liked the ideas, content & views shared on this channel, Please help us grow by sharing the blog posts & request your friends to subscribe to this Blog

For Those who are not frequent user of word-press can follow me on Facebook which is directly linked to this Website/Blog. The page link attached below.

Please share with your friends, loved ones & encourage them to Follow and experience the New View.

The only motive of this request is to reach this Blog/posts to positive & open minded People like you. So, we can enlighten life of someone who is struggling & needs a New view.

Once again – Thank you for your Love & Response.


Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.

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