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About a week prior, We did a discussion that what it takes to be Extraordinary! I am sharing a same viewpoint today in alignment with the previous discussion but its a New View!

“I Think It’s Possible For Ordinary People To Be Extraordinary.”                                       – Elon Musk. CEO of multibillion organizations & self-made Billionaire.

 What it takes To Be Extraordinary?

This question was rumbling in my mind for a long while few years prior, I am sure same question must be rumbling in your mind & with most of the people. By the way I am not yet extraordinary because I am work in progress. & Being extraordinary is the process not the position you attain.

Read my previous post in this relevance – The Migration To The Extraordinary!

Recently I came across a quote – “It Takes Same Time To Be Ordinary As To Be Extraordinary.”  I am not sure about the author, in fact I am not sure about the exact words but the meaning was exactly the same. I would extend this view further with my philosophy that made a lasting impression on my life.

“It Takes Same Time To Be Ordinary As To Be Extraordinary.”  Isn’t that statement of profound importance? It takes same resources to be ordinary & extraordinary. And the fact of the matter is we all have it. What? You must be thinking, it’s all crap! What this guy is saying? Same Resources in order to live extraordinary life? How can it be? You must have heard all story & science about importance of resources, their management & much more. Hold on! Here, I am not talking about the Physical resources like Money, Wealth, People and Support etc. Yes these resources are important to grow & scale up yourself but they come in picture in the next level of your life but here I am talking about the initial resources. I am not talking about the external resources but the resources that create & define your life i.e. Internal & Eternal Resources.

  Are you ready for New View?

In my view, in life we need only two important resources which are eternal. They are Time & Energy. God gifted all of us with same. Yeah, it’s not money, legacy or anything else. With the right use of these resources you can become extraordinary. Abusing or wasting these resources can make you poor or broke. We all have 24 hours & the equivalent energy that is been dropped in our life vessel every day. You can create any resource that you want in your life by effectively using Time & Energy.

 Yeah, It Takes Same Time & Energy To Be Ordinary As To Be Extraordinary!

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First Resource: The Time – We all have 24 hours. You work for 8 hours, sleep 6 hours, Travel 2 hours, managing small routine chores of your life takes 1-2 hours in total every day, and still you end up having 6 hours at any point of your life! What you do with these 6 hours? Do you spend them or invest them? The ordinary person waste the resource of Time. He abuse the valuable hours! How? He wakes up late, reaches office late, leaves office late & come home late as well. He says He is tired, He had done lot of work today & He wastes the time sleeping on his couch, watching TV, gossiping with his friends, chatting, internet browsing & on the social media. The clock hits 12 o’clock midnight, Game over. The 24 hour Stock depleted. The ordinary person used all his 24 hours & spent them for survival & lethargy.

On the other hand the Extraordinary person is also occupied for about 16-18 hours for his living but this guy has totally different plan for his rest 6-8 hours. He uses this spare time as the Advancement Time. He meets New people, he finds the Good association, New ideas, He read books, He works on himself, He hunts for something worthy. He invest the time in personal development. He used the same 24 hours not only for his living but for creating new possibilities, creating a new life. He designs a meaningful life with those spare hours.

After few years the ordinary person doing nothing with his time remains ordinary blaming his luck, situation, people around him but on the other hand the another person who even started as ordinary person has slowly climbed the steps by doing little extra, something worthy every day, every hour and discovers the treasures of life & gets evolved as the Extraordinary!

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Second Resource: The Energy – This is the resource I am most fascinated about. This is one of the difficult resource to manage & monitor, why? Because you cannot measure it. It’s all relevant to your thoughts & your internal operating system. We all have some stock of energy with us. It’s a finite stock. Whether you use it or not it’s going be drained out or find his way to get dissipate, utilized or drained. How? You can only use it. You can’t store it & use on very next day. When you wake you get new energy & all previous day Energy is lost, vacated. Your life gets a whole new dimension by the way you utilize it? So, how do you use it? You use it or let it get drained out? The ordinary person wastes his energy in wishing, daydreaming, in envy, jealousy, discussing unnecessary topics, discussion about people & their lives. He is draining his energy every moment & when it comes to doing something important He is exhausted because he is left with too little, So he procrastinates the task for tomorrow. The ordinary person wastes his most of the energy because of his unorganized life, uncontrolled thoughts & lack of vision.

“Energy is Non-Storable, non-transferable Asset.” Either you use it or You lose it! Only you can make most of it, you can’t store or transfer it to someone for the next day!

On the other hand the man with little Extra involves himself into activities to utilize his energy constructively, He volunteers, He reads, he motivates, inspires himself, he helps people around him, He does something which in result multiplies his energy & He is still enthusiastic while going to bed at midnight. He is a winner & winners stay excited forever!

Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel these two are most important resources?

Because they are available to everyone in same quantum & most importantly they are free, anybody can use them effectively & carve a greater life. But because they are free that’s the reason we underestimate & overlook them. We don’t value them. You can create Money, wealth & all material possession through these two if you create some skills by their effective utilization but you cannot create more Time & Energy by any wealth or Money. If you peek into the history, in the lives of legends you would find that the ordinary people like Gandhi, Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie & many more became Extraordinary only by effective utilization of these 2 resources.

See, you cannot create more time or energy than allotted to you but you can definitely utilize them in a different way. You can add a whole new meaning to your life through by the effective utilization of these two resources. They are not just resources but actually 2 vital dimensions of your Life!

If you constructively use the Time & Energy, no one can stop you to Evolve as Extraordinary!

– 1Beginner!

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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.

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