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“If You Wait For The Right Time For Things To Happen, May Be The Things Would Never Happen.” @ Mahendra Kapady.

 We all have a Dream. Most of us have dreams with us but they are wondering what actions to undertake? You must be wondering is This Right Time? Should I take action or should I wait for some time?

What Is Right Time & Right Action? The idea we are going to discuss.

Actually this thought is bit important & demands discussion. The thoughts and fear associated with uncertainty of right time paralyses most of us very often. People are always into dilemma about what is the right time & right decisions? They start up with too much enthusiasm & after a while all of sudden they put a break to their progress. So, what’s next? They gather information & gain knowledge. In fact they gather too much information. The cliché is – the more information you gather more uncertain, more confuse you get! because of accessing too much data & too many options at one time is not good at the beginning. Due to ease of internet, the possibility of paths, growth at single time overwhelms us. So, most of us decide to take a beautiful diversion, to choose an attractive path, the path of procrastination. They wait for Right Time & Right decisions. In short due some confusion & uncertainty, they start procrastinating & they smartly name this procrastination as Waiting. They keep on waiting for days, week & month for things to get sort out, ideas to arise and breakthroughs to happen. Even they name this as Patience.

Understand the Difference!

So, we came across 3 terms here. The Patience, Waiting & Procrastination. They might resemble same the way you use it. People get reasonable & smartly use them in same context to hide behind their excuses. but All have totally different meaning & impact on our life. People resemble their Procrastination, waiting with patience. This is where most of people make mistake where they misinterpret waiting with Patience. Procrastination is unseen disease, a deadly Excuse that you don’t give it to someone but you keep using it to defend the sloppiness within you. Procrastination is a vague hope to start tomorrow, or do something on someday. In short is a someday life & the someday never comes.

Waiting is a relevantly confusing term if there is no duration attached to it, I have seen people waited for 8-10 years for something to happen & they are still waiting. Waiting can be assessment for a very short period of while, the time you have to define for yourself, and still it can be catchy. for example- Its same as people wait at bus stop for 1 minute, 1 more minute after 1 minute and they end up waiting at bus stop for hours , get delayed to reach the destination. they do not take decision at the moment & keep procrastinating.

Whereas Patience is an attitude shown while doing something despite the results are not turning in your favor. Patience is equivalent to persistence that you maintain while you are doing something. Whereas Waiting, Procrastination are directly implied as more of less of Inaction.

If you get this concept right you would know what You should be doing right Now? what should be on your plate now? Never get confused between Patience & Waiting. Patience is a virtue, waiting is lazy , partner of procrastination, in my philosophy Waiting never helps because it never helped Me, I believe in taking Action, Actions & Actions.


About The Right Time!

So, People who are patient & visionary do get confused about the question of the millennium- What is the Right Time & Where should I start?

I have only 2 words as answer for this question. Now & Here!

Understand – if Not Now when? You got to start Right Now & Right Here!

The Right Time Is Always Right Now!

The Right Place Is Right Here!

The Right Action Is Any Action Towards Your Dream!

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You got to understand the Philosophy in great sense “Right Here, Right Now.” Why? Right Here & Right Now?  Because who knows there may not be any tomorrow? Having Goals, long range Goals, Dreams is important but at the same time we got to understand that life is very much uncertain as well. You may not be on this earth after 15 days, so do not let the dreams haunt you because of vague waiting. Time is neither right nor wrong, it is our actions, commitment & force behind them decide the results. No matter where you are, what market condition, situation, opportunities or anything you may state – Time Is Always Right For Those Who Take Actions! There is no Reward in delay, in delayed action even though you support it with the vague philosophy of actions. People say what if there time is not right & what if I fail. There is no wrong Time, never! Do not become believer of Time psychology but be the believer of Action Philosophy. For a while let’s consider in your perception, Right time & wrong time. If you are believer of action they both favor you in any ways! How? If you take actions (in Right time) you succeed & march ahead and if you take action (in wrong time (as per you)) you learn something & increase the possibility of growing. So you win anyways. You cannot lose by taking action, but you can definitely lose by inaction, unnecessary waiting & your vague definition about Patience.

Patience is not inaction or unnecessary waiting, its state or the composure maintained during the Process backed by action!

About the Right Action!

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The Right Actions are bit catchy to understand! Sometimes, People criticize you for your actions, Laugh on you or make fun of you. They might judge your actions! This happens with all of us. Still you got to understand on thing! You got to take actions,Any how!

“Your right actions might hurt someone, so if required apologize for your right actions, but don’t stop taking right actions.” ― Amit Kalantri.

Who decides Right Actions? It must be you & You only! Not your parents, your friends or anyone else! You would never be prepared , you would never be fully certain about the results,still go to take actions. Any action taken with Right intentions & honest attitude in direction of your dream is always Right. No matter how small or gigantic it may be. No matter people laugh on you or criticize you. People’s onion don’t matter but your actions do. Because it’s the actions that help you to leap towards the dream not the opinions. So, you got to take the actions.

I have a view – The Rule of Right Action states only 2 words Take Action!

The philosophy I strongly follow in my life – Any Action Backed With Right Intention Is Always Right Action! No matter how impractical, how foolish, how informal it might appear to people. I don’t give it a damn. I take Action after Action after Action!

Stay tuned for the continuation- About the Right decisions? would be published tomorrow.


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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.

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