What is The Right Decision?

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“You Are Only One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life.”– Anonymous.

We all wish to change the course of our life, We wish to improve, We hope to reach the next level, establish ourselves & attain the peak. But what’s stopping us? You must be wondering who? Is It Right Time, Right Actions or Right Decisions?

We had already discussed about Right Time & Right Actions! refer  the previous post-  About The Right Time!

Today it’s time to discuss about the Right Decisions! Its been referred & said, our life expands with quality of our decisions & at the same time its shrinks because of the poor choices made by us. The grand ness & pettiness of our life is in direct proportions with the decisions we undertake in the journey of life! So, the whole description sums up to a near-about inference that we must take Right decisions! But does anyone know How to take right Decisions? That’s the biggest question to undertake!

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The Unresolved Mystery Of The Era!

 About the Right Decision!

Everyone is looking for a magical formula or Crash course to take the Right Decisions promptly. Everyone is looking for the cherry picking. This is a bit of vague concept because people get stuck into the ideology of taking Right decisions. They wait, wait, wait for Right time for right decision to undertake & end up not taking any decision. And what happens when you do not take decision? You lose automatically, you get stuck. In the longer term the effects are more catastrophic. The regret & remorse of non-accomplishment is inevitable.

(Please note – I am using terminology  Wrong decision for under-confident or no option decisions or must decisions that we have to take citing the circumstances.)

See, the greatest viewpoint I want to share today is – People wait for Right decision for a long a while & end up having No decision. No decisions may seems like a better choice for a period of while but in long term it’s not. No decision is not a good decision rather a decision of disaster. No decision gives no encouragement but it paralyses you. I suggest you to take at least a wrong decision because at least it leads you somewhere than ground Zero. In-fact Wrong decision is much better than No decision, because what happens when you take wrong decision, you lose but you surely fail forward but with No decision you get frozen at same place. Why do I say wrong decisions are much better than no decision?  Because when you take wrong decisions, you get a feedback & you can correct a course of action, reach a place of intention after a while by taking another decision or after following the series of corrective decisions.

Whereas No decisions-> No feedback ->No Movement-> No Progress!

Whereas wrong decisions backed by willingness to accomplishment leads to the corrective decision which in turn becomes a Right Decision. But No decision is always a wrong decision, which has heavy price associated with it. It’s definitely a short-cut to failure.

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Isn’t that true? In about 10 years of my independent life, I never clearly understood the concept of Right Decisions? In my views Decisions are Decisions! They happen/Found to be right or wrong when you see them from the different viewpoints, through glasses of developed wisdom after a period of while.

“Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.” – Phil Mcgraw.

People talk all the time about taking Right decisions. They talk be cautious, analyze more & take right decision. I have seen such people in my office, my society & near place. Such people Think, Analyze, Analyze & they Analyze & after a while when I meet them & Ask about their decision about their endeavors, they say they are thinking over it! I mean still thinking? You got to know one thing “Over analysis lead to paralysis.” If you over analyze you end up doing nothing & landing at same place after rotating into too many circles.

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I never understood the concept of Right decisions! Every time whenever I had to take decisions- I accessed the situation, I did study, I analyze & did necessary assessment & did consulting with expert, seniors and I took decision. I did trust my gut-feel & my instinct. And guess what most of my decisions still went out to be wrong? Lost large sum.Why? they whole ideology of accessing the decision is incorrect! You cannot access the decision taken in year 2014 by the situations in the year 2018, that would be unfair. You have more resources, more wisdom, more opportunities, more research, and more options in year 2018 than 2014. You are 4 year smarter than 2014 that alone reason is sufficient to break this assessment. You would definitely look like fool for version of year 2014 when you see yourself through the glasses of 2018. & You know what on the same ground you are gonna look foolish in 2022 for your current version(of 2018), are you willing to accept that? You cannot prove the decision of Past as wrong by sitting comfortably in the present few years later.

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About ImPerfectionist – I never believed in the fantasy of perfection & never wished to Be a Perfectionist! Thank god I never understood the concept of perfectly right decision but I got different ideology of backing my decision, standing behind my decision stubbornly & correct them if they go wrong. I took too many decisions that seemed wrong over a period of while but I decided not to cry over it. I took too many decision that look wrong in present time but they were perfect, 1000% correct in my perspective in those situations & that time. Like buying a Small Car, House, Helping some people, associating with some people, buying some materials, investing money, trusting people & going straight with few people. After the wisdom 4 – 5+ years , All these decision seems to be wrong! Why? Because the whole ideology of judging them is inappropriate. The views from 1st step , Mid step & Top most step of the staircase are entirely different, We cannot say the views from any of the step is wrong. The problem is when we go on the top of the staircase we start blaming our view from the 1st step. Isn’t that foolish? Why? Because the view at 1st step is made while standing at 1st step is 100% perfect for that moment, but if you try to analyze it from the top of the staircase it would be 100% wrong.

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Which One To Prefer?


So, What’s Next ? The Conclusion – 

See, Whether Right or Wrong, you got to make your own decision. Confusion is going to be there all the time, you would never be prepared enough & confident enough, still you got to dive in. If they go right you get happy but even if they go wrong you grow & expand your possibilities to get bigger & better. You cannot afford to outsource this activity to someone else, You got be strong enough to take the decisions on your own.


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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.





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