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“A Wise Man Makes His Own Decisions, Ignorant Man Follows the Public Opinion”

Yesterday we did discuss about taking decisions – What is The Right Decision?

I have a question for you – Who takes the decisions in your life? Because I have seen people outsource this activity in order to avoid making mistakes, but by doing this they are not avoiding any mistakes but avoiding the valuable experience, Responsibility & the ultimate scope of growth as well.

The question that I asked above can also be written as “Who takes the decisions for your life?” The only difference is In & For as the matter of words but the meaning is entirely different. Because in my view if someone takes decision in your life, he/she wouldn’t stop there. He/she starts taking decisions for your life! & that’s not Okay because it is controlling & sort of domination.

 Is this Happening With You?

If this is happening with you, so there is a bad news for you- You are not living life on your own, you are living life for someone or life of someone, definitely not yours! I strongly affirm that if the decision are not yours then the life is not yours, it belongs to someone who takes decision for you! You are just following his/her orders. See, I am not against discussion, consulting, seeking advice or suggestion, they are perfectly alright and much needed as well. But I am against the way you are seeking it. If you are seeking advice to access the situation that’s okay but if you are seeking the direct handhold decision then it’s not okay. You should not be totally buying a decision issued/forced by someone, no matter whoever that someone is in your life.

It can be your father, Brother, Sister, Mother, Uncle, Grandfather or any person of Importance. I do agree about the family values, Respect & Experience. They can be your Elders, well-wishers. I do agree. Let them be your Well-wisher, Adviser but do not let them be your Decision Maker. The decision Maker for your life has to be you! You cannot afford to outsource this activity to someone else, you got be strong enough to take the decisions on your own. You got to be courageous enough to stand up, say No to their intrusion & stand firmly with the decision that you are undertaking for your life. Be bold, Stand strong to not let someone overshadow in your life. At the same token stop living under shadow of someone, you got to stand in Heat in order to create your value & Rise in life. You have to experience the Heat. The Heat of the decision Making, The heat of responsibility, The Heat of consequence & uncertainty.


Why do you Avoid Making decision because they might go wrong! Isn’t that your issue? Right? But let me tell you there is No wrong decision as such until & unless you are moving. The decision can be considered as wrong decision if & only if you are stuck in life & by the way getting stuck is a choice, A lazy choice un-cautiously made by you.

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Success & The Unresolved Mystery-

Success is not just about right decisions but despite making some wrong decisions, still standing behind them, correcting them till they get right. Life is not a straight line or ascending one, it’s going to be zigzag line. Life is strange phenomenon & mischievous. Sometimes, some decision taken hurriedly without detailed study can go Right & surprise you. Whereas decisions taken with lot of patience, lot of introspection can turn out to be horribly wrong over a period of while.

You wonder what went wrong, where I made mistake. What I missed in the process? & many more question would make your uneasy. But trust me that’s the way life happens, Life is unresolved mystery for most of us, it unfolds slowly. We can resolve the mistakes, mysteries of present or past only in the near future. It would surprise you at one moment & punish you sometime but it would be definitely help you grow no matter what happens in your life. All you need to keep your eyes open. There is a problem with us- We are impatient & look desperately for answers at the present Moment & we get more desperate when we do not find them but I strongly believe some answers unfold at the right Time only when you are ready & well prepared in the process, not when you want it. Wrong decisions can be painful & shattering but they are much needed lessons in disguise. I strongly believe, that there is definitely a Treasure in mistakes & wrong decisions made by you. When I look behind in my life about the bitter experiences I had, I do not find mistakes but I do find the lessons that were much necessary, they made me who I am today. They prepare you for a bigger & better Tomorrow. They make you a wise Person in the process.

The ideology of Lucky, Fool & the Wise

There are 3 categories of Person. If you are taking all Right Decision (if in case it’s happening with you) –then you are Lucky (& You are Playing very small as well, to avoid getting wrong) & if you are Making All wrong decisions then you are fool! why? Because you are not looking for feedback & learning from your mistakes but if you are making mistakes, wrong decision still correcting them without getting reasonable then you would be termed as Wise Person. I hope you would love to fall into the Third category.


Do Not Wait-

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Stop Holding yourself by being Too much analytical. “Too much Analysis lead to Paralysis!” Be practical but not too much analytical! Do not wait for The Right decision, do some necessary calculation, an introspection & Jump in. Still if it goes wrong, that Okay. Stop blaming your luck & situation. No need to get reasonable. Instead of getting paralyzed & acting like a maniac or someone under breakdown, start looking for the possibilities. Be stubborn, Stop justifying the People, Stand behind your decision, Take actions to correct your situation. That’s all. There is no thing as wrong decision by the time you are taking corrective action towards your Dream or the desired Goal. You got to be a wise Person to take your own decisions!


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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.


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