The Project You!!!!

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Just a quick sharing! I am going to Talk about the important project of your life, Its The Project You!

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We all work under different projects in our life -We work on School Project, College & specialization Project, Office Project, career project, finance project & many more, these project range from few months to 5-10 years, sometimes its been observed that these projects are found to be milestones or building block of your career. But what about the important project of your life. Its not the external one, Its the internal project which can create a profound effect on your external life. Its the Project You!

Have your ever thought about undertaking The Project You! It took me about 4-5 years of my adult life (early twenties) to understand importance of this Project & its Philosophy, until I started listening to my Mentor Jim Rohn! Refer to his view mentioned below about importance of working on yourself.

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Most of the people in modern day society want to succeed in life but they are not willing to work on themselves. See You got to work on yourself than anything else. Success is an inside job. Before you work on your Job, your Parents, relations, your boss, friends or your finances, you need to work on yourself. If you work on your inner person ( the overall personality) you would experience the change in the other streams of your life such as relations, finances & careers. You can get highly conscious in life by working on your subconscious code carefully. So,How to work on your subconscious code?  by filtering your thought process, inner language, by constantly refining the internal conversation.

By corrective & selective thinking you can definitely improve your state of mind which in return can help you make you highly conscious & Put you into the super active Mode. If you make a considerable shift your inner programming, into the subconscious code towards positive day after day, you would definitely bring the change in the your external life through the conscious efforts.

“If you want To accede in life & Succeed in your en-devours, You need to work on yourself.” – Mahendra Kapady.

You need to understand, the only way to grow & expand yourself is by starting from within & then going outside. If you try other way around – i.e. if you start from outside may be your would never achieve what you are really looking for, You would be going round & round and wondering why I am not reaching anywhere? You would never feel content whatever you try to from outside. Success is inside out Phenomenon, do not try to work it the other way around. Life flourishes when your soul nourishes!

Your First project for your life Must be “Project Better You.” Its not a one day activity or a someday activity, Its an Everyday Activity! Do not postpone it for some day or one day, The one day is something that never comes, its just an excuse to run away form the confrontation. Its been said That The Best project you will ever on is You! You Got to work on yourself everyday! I recommend you to kick-start this project Right Here- Right Now!



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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.


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