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Our progress in life is in direct proportion with our internal conversation. The way you talk with yourself, the way you explore the world. The outside world is exact replication of the inner world.

Swami Vivekananda said- “World is a gymnasium, where we come to make ourselves strong!” Why ? because life is a battle, where we have to fight with ourselves & people, situations around us to survive & excel in life. The process is not easy but that’s much needed to evolve ourselves. Life is not a straight line, its a sine wave, its a zig-zag line.Life is not cheesy, its the journey of lot of swings, ups & down. Lot of Pain, Disappointments & full of uncertainties with a glimpse of happiness.

Life is not easy, sometimes We all get surrounded by the pain & difficult situations. We feel like we are stuck into something & there is no way out. We try few ways,still we couldn’t find the escape. At that situation we feel everything is lost & there is no way out! Over a period of while, we feel its not possible why should I even bother trying! I should give up! Over a period of while, We give Up!(Why I am sharing this? Because I had been through a situation where, I was almost stuck in my financial decision , where I was stuck! But when I got the wisdom & employed a view that I am going to share here, I got the resolution within 2 months & manged to come out of the problem which was hanging there for a long while.)

You know why it happens? Its because of our conversation that is going within us during that situations. See, our mind is a operating system of our life. And our internal communication is a dominant code that’s running, controlling our whole life through our actions. If the dominant code is pessimistic & hopeless our action wouldn’t be different either. Its not surprise. why ? because what happens inside spills outside! The internal language, the conversation that we do with ourselves plays a dominant role in our life during critical situations. The unseen conversation decides whether we would give up to situation or Give all In to resolve the situation!

We should not do a conversation that stops us, we should do a conversation that charges us & triggers the actions! Do not ask discharging questions or never say hopeless statements about yourself with yourself! You need to Monitor your inner conversation. You have filter it, Audit it & elevate it to next level where it would show you new possibilities.

Do not think in past but think in present. By going in past you cannot change your situation but you are ruining the present as well by dwelling in the past. Take few examples as – Why I did it? I shouldn’t have done that? Why this is happening with me? May be I am not lucky? Is there any problem with Me? All these questions are Discharging questions. Have you observed effect of these questions? They push you in past, make you feel pity & hopeless about life. Rather ask yourself the Right Questions.

Do not ask the questions that discharge you  but ask the questions that empowers you!

Most of the People say, No I cant! It will not a happen! Can you see that? Its a energy sucking questions. I don’t how much you have tired or trying but it seems you have already given upon the situation!

It will not happen is a dead end statement, a dejected question. Never say it will not happen! Say or Ask yourself – How Can I make it happen? That,s the powerful question that charge yourself. It trigger your mind to search for possibilities, it energizes your brain cells &  put you into action mode!

How Can I make it happen? Is the empowering question. Such sort of questions to be asked to yourself when you are into a sort of situation.

I have heard this powerful statement in speech from Mr. Vivek Bindra. He said – Yeh Mat Socho Nahi Hoga, Socho Kaisa Hoga?” This statement stunned me completely.  Even though I hate giving excuses, all my statements started looking like a excuse what I was saying about my issues when I couldn’t find resolution. This statement shared by Dr. Vivek Bindra is an energizer statement which opened the path of possibilities for Me to jump into the battleground. Never say what cant be done! see what can be done & what Needs to be done!

Let Me ask you a Questions – Which Empowering question do you ask/use to pull yourself outside the pull of negativity? If yes please share! If not please prepare the one else meanwhile use the one that I have shared above!

Ask – How Can I make it happen?


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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.

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