Holding On To Your Anger?

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Today’s Viewpoint is about Letting Go Your Anger!

First of all let’s understand what is Anger?

What is Anger? As per dictionary Anger is defined as – A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

Synonyms –  Annoyancevexationexasperation, crossness, irritationirritabilityindignationpiquedispleasureresentment;
if you read them once again you would discover there is not a beneficial word associated with Anger.
Why Anger Happens?

Anger is a Natural Emotion or a feeling, We live in a society with diverse people having diverse views, diverse opinions, diverse state of mind with good, bad or eccentric intentions. So, sometimes few situations happen which are not coherent with viewpoint, which doesn’t fall in sync with our philosophy or in line with our expectations. So, if we cannot accept it, we do lose our control & get Angry.

There are thousands of reasons why do we get angry? Sometimes we do not need any reason to get Angry? Why? Over a period, we get so habitual to Anger & getting Angry that later on, Anger becomes our natural state of mind. All we need a trigger to get angry & erupt our emotions on someone or onto the situation!

See, I don’t have to stretch this post a lot over discussing Anger & its origin & its outcomes. We all know how Anger is dangerous & Why we should control it!  But I am not here to discuss it. I am here to share a small philosophy that can make a difference in your life if you learn to let Go the unnecessary anger from your life!

Its Normal but- 

First of all I have to make it very we clear that Anger is Normal. We all are Human & we are emotional beings. Too err is Human! We can get angry over something we cannot digest is completely okay. See, Getting Angry or having Anger over something is completely natural. You can get angry! If you find someone is saying that – He doesn’t get angry, that means either he is lying or faking his emotions. Its not possible! Acknowledging Anger & dissipating Anger (Like saint/wise people do it) is completely diverse act of wisdom which can be achieved with practice, Patience & immense control over mind but if you say I am not having Anger is a sort of lying or faking.

See, Getting Angry is completely Natural & okay. but you need to dissipate it in that situation & you need to get over it. but holding to your Anger for long period of while is not acceptable. Holding Anger can be Dangerous! Not only for the person in front of you but its effects are more deadly on you.

My story – I was a happy go lucky , jovial, always joyous & laughing guy but my improper attitude & pessimistic views (developed in those 2-3 bad/undisciplined years) towards life made me Angry, Short tempered & sort of maniac, who was waiting for trigger & lose control. It did not only hampered my relations with family, friends but tarnished myself as well. It tarnished my Reputation, My Smile, My laughter, My jubilant Attitude, My health & My response towards people & situations.

But later I decided to change my self & to let go the Anger! The Philosophy of Buddha literally opened my eyes & shaked me hard that brought me to reality.  I would like to share a Buddha philosophy which made a profound effect on my life.


Image result for holding on to anger buddha quote

See, If you hold on to anger,there is a bad new for you. You are already dead because when you hold on to anger, you design your life around the vengeance. Ii,e you actually live in past. & you keep looking for situations in near future where you can create a damage to that person & get even with that person. So, Holding on to Anger either keep you stuck in past or in near future, it does not allows you to live in present. And in my view if someone is not living in present or Now that person is either dead or presumed Dead.

In my view – ” Anger is A Lethal Weapon that kills you more rapidly than the person to whom its directed.”

Do not Control Your Anger!

Too many people talk about Controlling the Anger. I suggest that you should not control your Anger because I tried to control it, It did not help me. It might help you temporarily but the cascading effects can be extremely dangerous. Here I am not talking about controlling Anger, I am talking about letting it Go, Which is the best choice for you & Your Life! You cannot control Anger but you can take a conscious decision to complete ignore the situations & people that might make you ignore. You have to diffuse those trigger who make you angry.. If you have wisdom enough you would have to understand that you can do whatever it is before you get angry, once you get angry you cannot control it, all you got to dissipate it somehow. Either gently or constructively.

You Have To- You have to let go your Anger. Letting it Go is not a selfless act rather a Selfish one. Its not in interest of that person but its in your self interest. You can attain ultimate peace of mind when you let it Go! You allow yourself to breathe easily. Anger derates you, it holds you back, Its like you have caught yourself with big hook & wondering why you are not moving further despite lot of efforts. Your Anger holds you back not someone else.

when you forgive someone & let go. You open many ways for your Heart, Brain & mind to relax. When You get angry it tightens your muscles & make you stuck at a place. When you hold on to you anger it like you are holding a heavy sack of sand on your shoulders every time & worrying why are you feeling tired?

If liked please share your story of accomplishment & your philosophy towards dealing with Anger.
– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All rights reserved.

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