Hello Friends,

Just A Small sharing for Today!

Its been said – sometimes few words said in Moment has a more gravity & meaning than whats been said in years – Sharing a quote of few Words, which I have kept in my heart as a special reserve collection to which I refer whenever I need some motivation.

I refer to it every often when I come across a challenge which makes me uncomfortable. (Specially I am thrown into something new , When I am trying to save my face & trying to run away from situations citing the imaginary fear & few reasons like not fully prepared) Every time when I affirm these words, I can feel the difference in Me. I feel the energy flowing & I am full of possibilities. Possibilities that can alter my life. Yeah it not all cheesy, few possibilities include making mistakes, getting embarrassed, falling flat of face. Still, I am willing to go for it because I want to achieve excellence. I want to push myself to next level, So no matter what is the possibility either good or bad, I am willing to go under that situation not as choiceless-ness but as challenger. Choice less-ness dis empower you, challenge inspire you to show up well & get going in that situation no matter odds are in favour or not.  When I affirm these words I feel my excuses & reasons are vanishing into thin Air & I am willing to go for it. Instead of getting into reasonable mode, I put myself into action Mode,

Words Have Power! In fact you give them power when you attach your emotions to them & your emotions drive you to take actions!

Image result for if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you quote




-Written By Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved.



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