Whatever It Takes!

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In the previous blog we discussed – sometimes Giving your 100% is not enough, Something else, an entirely different path, a desperate way, un-imagined, unapproved set of actions are needed to achieve what you really want.

Do Not Give Your Best!

Today, I am sharing a small post about this Golden Rule- W.I.T. to accomplish your dreams, this rule subsides everything else & must be on top of your life’s Philosophy if you really really want to accomplish the Goal!

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The Golden Rule & The Only Rule You Must Follow!


  1. You Got To Do Whatever It Takes To Be There!” @ MK-1B.
  2. “Don’t Do Your Best, Do Whatever It Takes!” 
  3. “An Attitude Of Whatever It Takes, Is Impossible To Stop!”
  4. “If your desire is strong enough, you would have it – No matter whichever way it goes, No matter However it goes, No matter whatever it takes!” @ MK-1B.
  5. “I would Try my Best is not Enough!” “Do Not Try Your Best, Do Whatever It takes To be There.” @ MK-1B.

Why Whatever It Takes ?

Sometimes you are doing your best, still you are not getting results you are looking, You would observe the goal still beyond the grasp. Why This happens? You feel like you are stuck, you feel is there is no other way, its the dead end. At this moment, I suggest you to stop living by the norms, people’s approval or the usual/formal way & within boundaries.

I strongly recommend you to stop giving your best! Its the time to reform & review your Best! Do not change your Goal but choose a different path to be there! Take a Different way -Whatever It Takes Way! You have to look at your Dream from entirely different way, If you cant walk or run up-to your dream, you have to think about digging a hole and going underground or jumping all the way from sky to be there. Its not a mere imagination but whatever way it takes way. You got to device new ways, discover new ways & take a leap of faith to be there.

Trust Me,  “Do Not Try Your Best, Do Whatever It takes To be There.”

–  1Beginner!

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written by Mahendra Kapady@ 2018, All rights reserved.





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