The Actual Lack Of Courage?

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We all feel that we lack courage but do we really know what is the lack of Courage?

Courage is not about having Bad-Ass Nature, Being cult or No-fear attitude!Its not even about being blunt, posing strong or showing off as Fearless! In fact Being fearless is an state/act of stupidity! So, what is really courage!

Courage is the Attitude to do what is necessary in the moment! Its the act of doing what is necessary! (Not going with what is popular, What is safe or comfortable or accepted by people.)

In My view – If we do not have courage then we automatically have the cowardice!

Cowardice (or Lack of Courage) is the Absence of Enthusiasm to do what is Necessary! nothing else! @1B


–  1Beginner!

– Written by Mahendra Kapady@2018, All Rights Reserved!

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